App to create accelerated “Time-Lapse” videos

Free apps for iPhone and Android to easily create time-lapse, time-lapse videos with automatic stabilisation

Time-Lapse is accelerated video to see how a scene changes over a long period of time and is used a lot in documentaries, where, for example, you can see the evolution and growth of a plant or an insect.

Recreating this effect with your phone requires the use of a special function in the Camera app or the use of a specific app that records the video, selects the playback speed, saves and shares the result, all without having to configure or changes.

Let’s see together best apps to create accelerated “Time-Lapse” videos completely freeusing only apps that are comfortable and simple to use even for less experienced users.

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1) Native phone app

iPhone camera The app Camera native on iPhone and modern Android phones is capable of create Time-Lapse videos without the help of any external app.

The only thing we have to do is open the app, look for the menu or option for the Time-Lapseadjust the settings and press the record button, so you can immediately shoot the time-lapse video with the phone’s rear camera.

The best phones for making time-lapse video are iPhones and Samsungsbut other manufacturers are also doing well with their camera apps (especially OPPO, Xiaomi and OnePlus).

2) Life Lapse Stop Motion (iOS)

Life Lapse Stop Motion The first third-party app we can use to create time-lapse videos is Life Lapse Stop Motionavailable only for iPhones.

The app offers all the tools and options necessary to create high quality time-lapse videos: we can choose the speed, adjust the contrast and brightness, recreate a boomerang effect, tilt the shooting plane and apply special filters, as well as provide an editor that can later edit videos by removing or replicating frames.

3) Framelapse (Android)

Framelapse On Android we can easily create time-lapse videos using the app Framelapseavailable free of charge Google Play Store.

The app allows you to make up for any shortcomings of the native Camera app, focusing on the options necessary to be able to generate Time-Laps videos by choosing the frame rate, the interval between the various frames and the adjustment of the standard parameters for any video ( white balance, exposure and autofocus).

4) Filmora

Filmora If we are looking for an app to apply the accelerated video effect on an already made video we can try Filmoraa complete video editor available for Android and for iPhones.

Filmora offers a large amount of filters and effects to make our videos unique and offers the speed curve for videos: in fact, we can speed up or slow down only some parts of the video, thus recreating the Time-Lapse only for the parts we actually want to speed up.

Other good video editors we can try can be found in the article about best apps to edit videos and edit movies (Android and iPhone).

5) iMotion (iOS)

iMotion The best app for making time-lapse videos on iPhone is iMotionavailable free fromApple App Store.

The app offers a plethora of voices and tools to adjust every video setting, with the ability to edit previously shot videos as well, adjust focus and exposure, lock white balance, and adjust recording speed to suit your needs. our needs.


Time-Lapse can be achieved easily with the built-in Camera app in any phone, but only on high-end powerful phones you can generate quality time-lapse videos.

If our phone isn’t up to par with more powerful phones, we can still get quality time-lapse videos using one of the third-party apps seen in this guide, so we can generate videos worthy of a documentary or funny videos for TikTok or for Instagram Reels.

To learn more, we can read our guide on how create a time-lapse video with screen captured images.


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