Best Apps for Podcasts on Android and iPhone

With podcasts, we can listen to thousands of hours of audio content on virtually any known topic: sports podcasts, news podcasts, and technology news podcasts are all available.

Podcasts are very similar to radio broadcastsbut instead of tuning into a frequency we can listen to the audio file directly in streaming or download the file to listen to it offline at a later time.

If we too want to listen to podcasts at any time of the day, in the following guide we will show you the best apps to listen to Podcasts on your phone. We will show you the most popular apps for listening to podcasts on both Android phones and iPhones.

1) Apple Podcasts

The most famous app for listening to Italian and international podcasts is Apple Podcasts, alreadyalready integrated on iPhones but also downloadable from the Apple App Store.

This app allows you to access the best podcasts and podcast channels on various topics and provides a simple and clear interface to listen to all the podcasts on a particular channel. When new podcasts arrive, we will receive a notification, and we will be able to choose whether to download the new podcasts (to listen to them later) or to start playing the content immediately. Apple Podcasts are also available on iPad and Apple Watch and can be installed on Apple TV.

While many podcasts are shared for free, some channels or popular authors also offer paid podcasts, giving you exclusive benefits like no ads, bonus episodes, previews of new shows, and easy access to archives.

2) Google Podcasts

Google Podcasts

Among the best apps to listen to and manage podcasts on any phone, we find Google Podcasts, which you can download for free for both androidand that iOS devices like iPhones and iPads.

it is and thatThe advantage of using Google Podcasts is that, completely free, it is possible to find practically all the podcasts published in Italy from radios, websites, and also from independent authors. Google’s Podcasts app has three main tabs: Home, Explore, and Activity.

In the tab Home, you can scroll through the new episodes and quickly access the following podcasts. By selecting an episode, you will be able to read what it is about and the subject matter in order to immediately understand if it is worth listening to or not. For each podcast, more information can be obtained by searching on Google.

In the Google Podcasts app, you can appreciate the way it focuses on topics, so you can queue up episodes of multiple different podcasts even if you aren’t subscribed. Podcasts can also be listened to online via the web on the dedicated site.

If you start listening to an episode on an iPad, for example, you can pick up where you left off with the sync feature on Android, Web, and iPhone.

3) Spotify


The app is famous for providing free streaming music, but there are many podcasts in its catalog, which can already be accessed with a free Spotify account. To start listening to podcasts, simply open the app, press “Near” at the bottom, and type the topic you are interested in, or just type “podcasts.”

A section reserved for podcasts is also available in the app interface, so you can access them more easily.

Just like music, you can download podcasts for offline listening, but to make the most of all the podcast features, you need to subscribe to a Spotify Premium subscription.

4) TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio

podcasts,If we want to listen to sports podcasts or Italian radio podcasts we can rely on the popular TuneIn Radio app for listening to web radio, available for android and iPhones.

To access the podcasts, all we have to do is press the Podcasts tab at the top and choose your favorite content to listen to. Within the app, we have the best free podcasts and podcasts from many Italian broadcasters and newspapers, along with a number of English-language podcasts and premium podcasts (accessible only with a subscription).

5) Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts is a great app to listen to podcasts on your phone. It is available for android and iPhones.

For many users, it is still the best app to listen to podcasts on the phone, with beautiful customizable graphics, slow listening, skip chapters, Android Wear support, a sleep timer, Chromecast support, and Android Auto integration. Pocket Casts is also available as a Windows 10 app, so you have everything in sync between your PC and phones.

6) Amazon Music

Amazon Music

Another very interesting app to listen to podcasts on your phone is Amazon Music, availableavailable from the Google Play Store and fromApple App Store.

The app benefits from the best Italian and international podcasts, which can be listened to without advertising or interruptions of any kind. To proceed, simply open the Podcast section or search podcasts in the search bar, so you can see the collection of the best podcasts available up close.

To learn more about the use of this app, we can read our guide on tricks and ways to listen to music with Amazon Music.

7) Alternative podcast apps

If we are true podcast enthusiasts, we can try other apps to listen to podcasts on Android and iPhone. Among the best apps we found:

  • Zanzaricus: the app to listen only to the Mosquito podcast, the famous Radio24 radio program. The app is only available for android.
  • Overcast: among the best iPhone apps dedicated to podcasts we also find this one, which can be downloaded for free fromApple App Store. The choice of podcasts and channels, including premium ones, is very vast: the app also offers a very simple and effective player, to the point of not regretting the Apple podcast app.
  • CastBox: available for android and iPhonesawarded among the best smartphone apps two years ago, with millions of podcast episodes to listen to, in 70 different languages, divided into 16 different categories.
  • Spreakers for android and iPhoneswith millions of podcasts, shows and live broadcasts to listen to for free.
  • Podcast Tracker for android and iPhonesa bit ugly as an interface, but with practically all the same functions as Google Podcasts.

We download our favorite podcast app and start listening to our favorite recordings or interviews.


Podcasts are now a widely used tool by people who love information and interviews with famous people, as well as a valid alternative to newspaper articles and live radio broadcasts.

By downloading our podcast app, we will be able to access millions of different contents on all kinds of topics (from politics to sports and technology), listen to the latest updates directly from the app, or download a playlist of the podcasts we want to listen to next.

If you don’t know which podcasts to follow, we suggest you find out the coolest tech podcasts to listen to, which we have seen in another article.


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