Best Cell Phone Spy Apps (Android and iPhone)

10 free applications for Android and iPhone to use for spy activities, such as taking photos, recording audio and video secretly

Android phones and iPhones can be hacked with some spy apps, capable of recording everything that happens on the screen and in the environment around the phone. These apps were created to provide a form of control over minors but are increasingly used (illegally) also to supervise partners or to check what employees do at work.

In the following guide we will show you what the best free apps to spy on phonegiving precedence to apps provided for free (very rare with this type of app).

Before continuing, we recommend that you use the apps only for monitoring persons subject to our legal protection (minor children); any other use is strictly prohibited by law, Navigaweb declines all responsibility for the improper use of the apps indicated in this article.

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1) Google Family Links

Google Family Links The most effective free phone spy app is Google Family Linksconfigurable both on devices android be on iPhones.

The app uses Google accounts for the initial configuration: when starting the app we will have to choose whether we are configuring the app for parents or for children, select the supervision account (i.e. the account that will be able to control everything) and finally activate the filters and rules for using the apps, for the time slots in which the phone can work and the web filter for searches.

Another very popular spy phone function is the GPS location trackingwhich can be activated remotely at any time and can use the location of the phone.

To learn more, we can read our guide on how to use Google Family Link and similar apps.

2) Screen Time (iPhone)

Usage time On iPhone we can also avoid the installation of spy apps, since a function integrated into the system, known as Usage timebehaves like a very effective parental control, adjustable both from the device itself and remotely (from the iPhone assigned to the supervisor).

To spy with Screen Time, all we have to do is open the app Settingspress on Usage timeconfigure the phone as a supervisor or as a supervised phone, assign the Apple ID to the function and, once in the configuration panel, we can configure the restrictions on the times, apps and content that can be visited.

Real espionage is available by opening the supervisor’s iPhone app and pressing the graphic of the monitored iPhone at the top: we will thus be able to see the most used apps, how long the phone screen has been on and many other useful information for monitoring .

On this function we can read our article on how to configure Screen Time on iPhone.

3) uMobix

uMobix The best phone spy app is uMobixa real bogeyman for underage children and a godsend for parents, as it is available for Android and iPhone (using a configurable link after activating the account).

By activating an account (with a free trial period) we can install ainvisible spy app on phone able to monitor calls, messages, text typed on the keyboard, open apps (and usage time of individual apps) and also show the GPS location of the phone in real time.

The app is in fact the secret of all attentive parents, since he knows be totally invisible to the user; the supervisor will be able to control everything done on the phone from a convenient dashboard accessible from any PC.

4) mSpy

mSpy Another valid app useful for monitoring devices remotely is mSpywhich provides a download links only after activating an account (free trial to test its features); on iPhone you can download the Lite version directly fromApple App Store.

The app works in a similar way to uMobix: it silently installs on the phone to be monitored and retrieves all the information during use, showing the open apps, exchanged messages, typed text in apps or search engines and calls made with your phone, as well as offering GPS location tracking.

Also in this case the app knows how to make itself totally invisible to the user, who will not be able to suspect it under the control of a real spy app.

5) Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch Another very effective app to spy on your cell phone is Hoverwatchconfigurable on any modern smartphone via custom download link after creating a free account.

Hoverwatch allows you to track SMS, calls made, view the front or rear camera secretly, monitor WhatsApp and similar apps (Instagram, Telegram and TikTok), show Internet activity and times when the screen was on, add new contacts and GPS location at any time of the day.

This app also doestotal invisibility its strong point: after creating the account, all we have to do is pass the download link on the phone to control, open it and follow the instructions on the screen to give permissions to the invisible app.

6) Other spy apps

The apps seen so far are the best for spying on the phone (turning the phone into a secret spy device) or for monitoring what others are doing (such as parental controls). On the stores we can download so many similar apps and with various functions; below we have collected the best ones to test:

1) Hidden Spy Cams for iPhone is the app for take pictures of anyone, without getting caught. It shows any background on the screen while instead what it does is take a series of photos or shoot a video, surreptitiously, without other people being able to notice it. Easy to use in any occasion where you want to take pictures without attracting attention.

2) Quick Video Recorder for Android is an app that allows you to record videos from your phone, without being noticed, by keeping the screen off. This app can then record videos in the background without pausing, in Full HD resolution, up to 30 minutes or 4GB of storage space.

3) Record My Call it’s free for android. Record My Call is an app that allows you to record every phone call it is done with the mobile phone, both invites and receipts. In another article we can see the app to record phone calls on android.

4) spy recorder is a nice spy app because it allows you to schedule audio recordings on an iPhone. The application, without being noticed and without giving signals, activates the audio recording at set times and on set days or even when you go to a specific place. The perfect recorder for real secret agents (it’s not free though, it costs 2 Euros).

5) signal is an app that serves to send messages that self-destruct automatically after 10 seconds appearing on the recipient’s screen. Signal’s messaging is also untraceable.

6) The Prey smartphone anti-theft device is another find my device style app, completely free, ideal for locking and locating a lost or stolen phone. Prey can also take camera pictures of someone who tries to unlock your phone, identify nearby Wi-Fi hotspots, and track things like your device’s MAC address.

7) Family locator (Android) is perhaps the best application for mothers worried about where their unconscious children go or for wives who want to spy on their husbands’ movements when they say they are going to work or playing soccer. You can try it for free in the Lite version and allows know everything controlled people doboth their movements, the places where they arethe people called and everything that can make anyone a real stalker.

8) Worldscope Webcams is a free application that allows you to view hundreds of live videos from all over the world public webcams; can be downloaded for free at iPhones And on Android.

9) Camera Eye (iPhone) is another interesting app for take pictures secretly, without making sounds, keeping the screen dark. Curiously, this application also includes a flash option, useless if you don’t want to be seen.

10) To secretly record video on Android instead you can use the app Background Video Recorder, free in the lite version which still works well. Photos can be taken by simply touching the widget on the screen.

11) Ear Spy is an app for Android that allows you to amplify the sounds around you to hear them better with headphones. In practice, you put the headphones on, activate the application and then listen to the speeches of the people nearby, to mind their own business.

For the apps seen so far, we suggest you also try the apps that allow you to use the Android camera as a webcam for the PC and those for detect hidden camera.


Phone spy apps, due to their nature, must be 100% secure and must not include any type of malware: therefore avoid downloading apps seen on TV or advertised on social networks or chats, using only one of the apps or services seen in this article (which we advise you to keep in your favourites, so as to have immediate a reference when we need one real working spy app).

To learn more, we can read our guides to app to take quick silent shots on android and at best secret agent apps for android.


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