Best Free Photo Editing Apps

All the best free online and smartphone applications to edit photos and add effects

To edit photos we can use nowadays really simple and automatic toolsalso accessible to people without experience and usable for free on any occasion and on any device, regardless of the operating system.

The best programs to apply edits to photos they can be used both as an app to be installed on the phone, as an app to be installed on the PC and directly online, by uploading the photo and using the editing tools inside the browser.

Let’s see together best photo editing apps that we can install as apps on PCs and smartphones and the best applications that can be used directly online, without installing on the device in use.

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1) Photographer

Photor Photor is the fastest and fastest photo editing application to use on any platform, with easy tools and on-the-fly changes.

Fotor allows you to change any aspect of the images, it can significantly improve the quality of the photos as well as being free and full of features. This application can be used without limitations on the available functions and can be accessed without registration (even from the online site).

To use Fotor we can download the mobile app for android and for iPhonesbut we can also download theapps for windows and use theweb application for editing photos directly from the browser of our operating system (we can also use it on Mac, Chromebook and Linux).

2) Adobe Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express The best app to edit photos for free without limits is Adobe Photoshop Expressthe most rich and professional free photo editing suite and image editing.

With this app we can edit every detail of the photos, remove unwanted objects, apply filters, fix red eyes and closed eyes, merge multiple photos, add text and stickers and much more.

The most complete apps are available for android and for iPhones/iPads; alternatively we can use a reduced version of the photo editing app using theapps for windows and theweb application.

3) Pixlr

Pixlr Among the most popular photo editing applications we also find Pixlra great alternative to Photoshop on any platform.

With this app, all we have to do is upload our photo or image to edit, use one of the many image editing tools available and, once we have the desired result, save a copy of the new image.

All are present most requested tools for modern photo editing: change brightness and contrast, control colors and reflections, add frames, remove objects, apply filters and effects, add text and numerous predefined templates (to be used to beautify the image automatically).

The Pixlr app is available for android and for iPhones/iPadsbut we can also use it as apps on windows and how web application on Mac, Linux and Chromebooks.

4) Polarr

Polarr Another valid program that we can use to edit photos on our device is Polarr.

With Polarr we can totally change the style of images and photos by applying automatic filters and effects that can make photos much more beautiful and artistic. We can always modify the basic parameters of any good editor, but with Polarr it is much easier to open the filters and effects menu and choose which one to apply to the photographs.

Polarr is free to download for android and for iPhones/iPads and is also available as apps for windows and how web application accessible from any browser.


GIMP extension For those interested only in PC programs, the best application that we can use for free and without limits is definitely GIMP extensionmade under open source license (therefore as free software).

GIMP has a comfortable and fairly simple interface to use, especially for those who have already used other photo editors in the past: everything is at your fingertips and the menus allow you to modify practically any parameter of the images and photosapplying manual filters according to our needs.

This program is available for download from official site but can also be downloaded as a Windows app from Microsoft Store.

For more information, you can read our article on how to use GIMP for photo editing.

6) Other sites for free photo editing

In addition to the sites and apps seen so far, we can edit and make our photos and images unique using the sites in the following list.

  • PiZap, the best web app to create fun imageswith lots of effects and photomontages to use immediately and for free.
  • Canva it’s a site that should always come first when it comes to graphics, with a special web app dedicated to editing photos and an editor that is simple to use, free and very rich in tools.
  • Sumo Paint being an online image editing tool can have its limitations and usually may not give the feel that Photoshop can deliver.
  • photopea is a complete, simple and free advanced photo editing tool already mentioned in the list of Photoshop online and similar online apps for retouching photos and editing images.
  • Ribbet it’s an app similar to the old Picnik as an interface, complete with editing tools, filters and above all with many options for creating collages.
  • BeFunky allows to apply cartoon effect on a photo. It’s worth repeating as BeFunky is a site that has gotten bigger, with a bunch of editing tools, very fun and different than usual. The interface is very simplistic but hides a wide range of options and a fast engine that allows you to change a photo almost instantly.
  • Mara is a great collection of easy and immediate to use online tools including cropping, focus, stickers, cartoons and many others.
  • iPiccy is a web application offers a free online photo editor and very innovative photo editing techniques. The options are organized into tabs for adding effects, text, writing, brush strokes and so on. Then there are the various tools for automatic changes, for rotating, cropping, resizing, for adjusting color and sharpness.
  • Photojet is an online editorial tool for those who need to create images for publishing, which also includes a modern photo editor to edit images online and for free.
  • Lunapic it’s a combination of old and new, with a Windows-style interface, a bit heavy and with lots of menus, but also with lots of effects, effective adjustments and animations to apply immediately.

The list ends with Psychopaintan application that turns photos into paintings, one of the best applications for paint and draw on the pictures with a brush.


With all these free photo editing programs we should never consider buying Photoshop or downloading any cracked programs: in fact, we have all the necessary tools to edit photos, apply filters and effects, add frames and texts and remove elements from photos, without having to spend a single euro.

To learn more we can read our guides on how to improve colors, contrast and brightness in a photo come on how to create an 80s style photo Aesthetic.


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