Best Unique Samsung Galaxy Features

Main functions and features Best of Samsung Galaxy smartphones that make them special compared to other phones

Samsung smartphones are getting more beautiful and equipped every year, so that all fans of the Korean manufacturer can benefit from a cutting-edge smartphone for many years, without having to change it too often.

Even if the competition has become very fierce and by now “everyone copies everyone”, there are still some innovative features that can only be found on the new generation Samsung, such as for example the Samsung Galaxy S23.
If we are undecided whether to buy it or not, we can help you choose showing you in this guide the unique features of Samsungie the unique functions of these Korean phones, certainly different from other Android phones.

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1) Split screen apps

To use two apps on the screen at the same time all we have to do is drag with two fingers from the lower edge to the center of the screen, so as to divide it in two.

In this configuration we can keep an app in the upper part and choose what to start in the lower part, so as to manage two apps simultaneously without using launchers or external apps.

To integrate this function on all Android phones we can read our guide on split screen on android.

2) Multitasking pop-ups

In addition to dividing the screen in two we can reduce an app to a small floating window, which we can place anywhere on the screen; with this trick it is possible to keep a music app or a video streaming app in one part of the screen while underneath we use another app.

To activate the function, simply drag the app from one of the upper corners, holding down and releasing until the app reaches the size of a floating pop-upready to be placed anywhere on the screen.

3) Multitasking from the app overview

By launching the overview of open apps (using only one finger we swipe from the bottom edge towards the center of the screen and stop until the overview opens) we can immediately choose which apps to set on the split screen or which apps to view in pop-up mode.

To proceed, press and hold the app to be used in multitasking and drag upwards to split the screen or drag towards the center (slightly moving the app with your finger pressed) to immediately start the app pop-up.

4) Intelligent image cropping

The new image cropping features (integrated into the phone’s Gallery) allow you to extract the subject of an image from its background and copy and paste it into other appswithout using photo editing apps.

To use this function, all we have to do is take a photo or open an image from the Gallery, keep your finger pressed on the subject to be removed from the photo (a person, an object, an animal, etc.), drag it out of the photo and, holding down, copy it to another app as if it were a separate photo.

To bring this feature to all phones we can read the article on app to change or remove wallpaper from phone.

5) Optimized reload during the game

If we play on the phone while charging we can activate the function Pauses USB Power Deliverywhich decreases the reload speed to avoid the excessive heating of the phone (which at this juncture must dispose of both the heat of the CPU and the heat of the fast charging battery).

This feature is available in the settings Game Boosters and allows you to extend battery life while maintaining performance while gaming.

6) Built-in Adobe Lightroom

Samsung has integrated all the tools of Adobe Lightroom in his app Gallery and in the app Cameraso you can edit photos professionally without having to download images to a PC.

Basically, the best free tools are offered for cutting, editing, optimizing photos; adding a subscription to Adobe Lightroom Premium we get even more advanced tools, able to edit photos (even in RAW, a feature already present on Samsung) efficiently.

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All these functions significantly improve the usability of the new generation Samsungmaking them really phones that can compete with iPhones without disfiguring (the prices are also similar).

The optimizations concern multitasking, gaming and photographswhich have always been strong points for those who choose a Samsung phone, with the addition of some unique functions borrowed from the world of desktop PCs and tablets.

In another guide we showed you the tricks and hidden features in Samsung Galaxy.

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