Delete all Emails at once in Gmail

You can select all Emails in Gmail at once (even more than 100) to delete or mark them as read

For years we have accumulated a considerable amount of mail unread, ignored advertising messages, commercial proposals, notices and notifications of all kinds on our Gmail account? In this case we will have to proceed with the cleaning as soon as possibledeleting all those that can be deleted with the default Gmail settings.

Few know it but on Gmail there is a limit that allows you to select only 100 Emails at a time and not one more. In fact trying to press on Select all (the small square at the top next to the writing Update) on the video screen Incoming mailonly the last 100 will be deselected.

Thanks to a trick, however, it is possible to selectand then delete or mark as read, all emails togetherso you can proceed with cleaning up Gmail, tidy up the various categories and recover some space.

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1) Delete all unread emails

To quickly delete all unread emails, open the Gmail page from any PC web browser (Chrome and Edge are fine), press on the three lines at the top left, press on the item Otherlet’s go to the menu All messages and write the command in the search bar at the top label:unread.

All the messages that we have not read in these months (or years) will appear: now press on the square Selectwe select the item To read to select those highlighted on the page (usually the first 100); to widen the search press on Advanced Searchwe press on Create filterwe confirm the warning window, we tick the entry Deletewe tick the item Also apply the filter to X matching conversations (where instead of the X we will find the number of unread emails in the mailbox) and finally press on Create filter.

In a few minutes all emails will be moved to the Gmail trash and deleted after 30 days. As soon as the filter finishes its work, press the gear icon at the top right, press up View all settingslet’s go in Filters and blocked addressesselect the filter you just created and press on Delete.

We always delete the cleaning filter created with this guide! If we forget all the new emails received in the inbox, they will be immediately deleted, without even being notified on the phone or PC, thus losing some important communication or email.

2) Delete emails from specific senders

The trick to select multiple emails works for any search, including the one to delete messages from specific senders.

To delete messages from a single sender, open an email from the sender to be deleted, press the three dots at the top (immediately above the title of the email), select Filter messages of this typemake sure there is the right sender in the field Fromapply (if necessary) other filters then press down on Create filterlet’s check off the entries Delete And Also apply the filter to X matching conversations and finally we press on Create filter to delete everything in one go.

If the sender is rather annoying we can also leave the filter active: in this way it will act as a sort of personal antispam, immediately deleting all the new emails that the sender will send us with that precise email address.


If we don’t want to be so drastic and we just want to archive the emails present so far in the Gmail mailbox we can also go to the menu All messagespress on the key Selectnow press on the entry Select all conversations under All Messages to select all the emails in the mailbox and finally press the key Archive to archive everything.

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