Free sites to improve digital skills and competences

List of free sites useful for everyone to improve digital skills to use at work and in web marketing

Re-emerging into the modern job market is very difficult indeed, as it requires skills and abilities that only a few people in the world have. To increase the chances of success at work or to find a new job, it can be very useful to learn new skills and competences in marketing, advertising graphics and management of mental processesall things required in the highest paying job offers.

In the following guide we will show you the best free sites to improve personal skills to use at work, but not onlyso as to quickly accumulate experience and add that fundamental piece to the curriculum vitae to be sent to larger companies.

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1) Canva


In marketing and advertising graphics nothing beats the site Canvaa true point of reference for those who want to obtain ready-to-use advertising images, on which to unleash our imagination and skill.

Obviously we don’t have to send the models already present on the site, but we have to learn how to modify them and make them personal: we open any of the models offered and use the tools made available to create our advertising campaign or our coverto be sent to companies looking for graphic designers or marketing managers.

In advertising, knowing how to “impress” with an image and a few lines is of fundamental importance: we use Canva as much as possible and modify at least 100 images, so that we can acquire the necessary skills to create a simple advertising campaign.

Other sites similar to Canva can be found in our ai guide Free alternative sites to Canva for graphic and design projects.

2) Dribble


Another valid site to learn is dribble. On this site, we find thousands of marketing and graphic design industry experts who can help us find our way into the advertising market.

With Dribbble we can learn with the same effectiveness seen on Canva: we load one of the designs available for free and we apply the desired modifications from a design or drawing point of view, until we acquire the familiarity necessary to create very effective advertising images.

In addition to being able to modify the free projects, it is possible to ask one of the experts to create an advertising message or billboard for us, in order to have a starting point for creating marketing campaigns to attach to our CV or letter of presentation.


Growth. design

Marketing also requires mental skills: it is not easy to create an effective advertising campaign to sell a single product or service. From this point of view we can improve our mental skills by using a site like growth. design.

By entering an email address and pressing on Get Instant access we will have access to a series of courses and psychology lessons to “understand the product”, so as to be able to create an effective marketing campaign.

At the end of the course we will be able to understand cognitive biases and use psychology to create better marketing campaigns, thus achieving the set objectives in the shortest possible time.

4) Marketing Examples

Marketing Example

A site to add immediately to your favorites if we work on advertising campaigns is Marketing Examplea concentration of ideas and advertising campaigns that we can use as a starting point or as a basis on which to work.

Within the site we can find ideas for creating landing pagesto carry out effective rebranding, to correctly advertise a campaign on social networks and many other contents to read or study carefully to improve marketing skills completely free of charge.

5) Notions


In the marketing industry, working alone is rarely beneficial, especially in the long run. The marketing sector lends itself very well to the brainstorming and sharing projects and ideas; to fix well all the ideas of our colleagues or our collaborators it can be very useful to use a shared platform such as Notion.

With Notion we can organize the activity of each member of the grouporganize meetings, plan rebranding or a new marketing idea, create work maps (roadmaps) and share all ideas in one place, so as to improve the marketing skills of each team member.

On the same topic we can read our guides to apps and tools for teamwork, chat, communication and project sharing and ai programs for remote work and online team collaboration.

6) Other sites to improve in marketing

In addition to the sites seen so far, a good worker must have the following tools at hand, all of which are very useful for developing effective marketing strategies on social media or on the web:

  • Hootsuite: useful site to increase business by sharing the same content on all social media supported by the company.
  • Buffer: another valid site to increase the number of contacts and views on all social networks (including the new generation ones).
  • Google Analytics: if we work on a site it is essential to analyze the traffic generated by the site itself, so as to know your audience and create only customized advertising content.
  • Unbounce: among the best tools to create effective landing pages, using artificial intelligence to anticipate trends and create truly effective sites.
  • Hub Spot: a complete site to carry out effective marketing campaigns but also to manage sales, to manage sites and to provide personalized services to customers.

Most sites offer a free trial or demo account, so you can choose the one that best suits the type of work you do or the type of campaign you want to run.


Growing in marketing and acquiring new skills is of paramount importance for keep up with the times: what “pulls” today may no longer be effective tomorrow, thus asking on our part great adaptability and a large dose of creativity: we can both enhance them with a series of free sites and with a collection of tools to use every day for marketing campaigns.

To learn more, we can read our guides to best applications to edit and customize Facebook pages and about how create websites for free with online website builder programs.


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