Generate Avatars From Photos With Ai (Similar To Lensa)

Want to create a spectacular new avatar? Let’s see how to use AI to create cool avatars from a photo

intelligence,Thanks to artificial intelligence, it is possible to create realistic and cool avatars to add as a profile picture on social networks, on Zoom, or in any chat. The AI ​​engines are able to start from a simple photo of ours and modify it according to our needs or using one of the predefined styles present within the most popular apps or sites.

In the following guide, we will show you how to create realistic and cool avatars with AI using our photos, via phone apps or websites designed for the purpose.

1) Magic AI Avatars

To create very beautiful avatars, we can rely on the app Magic AI Avatars, available for free on android and for iPhones.

The app will allow you to create a personalized avatar starting from any photo (ours or of the person we want to appear with) by applying all the necessary modifications to make the avatar as realistic as possible.

At the end of the changes, we can choose whether to save the avatar locally or upload it directly to social networks as a cover image.

2) Dawn – AI Avatars

Dawn - AI Avatars

Another very interesting app to create fantastic and unique avatars is Dawn: AI Avatars, available for free download from the Google Play Store and fromApple App Store.

The app allows you to creatively modify a photo of yourself by adding realistic details and applying the most popular graphic styles on social networks. We can become astronauts, doctors in suits, or apply filters based on cartoons or the enhancement of certain colors without forgetting the pop art effect.

3) Dream by WOMBO

Dream by WOMBO

The Dream by WOMBO app is a complete editor to edit any photo using artificial intelligence. It can be downloaded for free android and for iPhones.

With the app, we can edit any photo by applying a drawing effect, changing colors, and other features via the built-in AI engine. For those who want to create a new avatar, all they have to do is upload their personal photo or selfie to modify and let the AI ​​do the work, which will show the new avatar with various processing.

4) AI Time Machine (online)

AI Time Machine

What would our faces have looked like if we were born in ancient Roman or Egyptian times? From today, we can “travel through time” by uploading our photo to the site AI Time Machine.

The AI ​​engine integrated into the site allows you to generate new historical avatars starting from one of our photos or selfies. In a few minutes, we will obtain a realistic avatar of our face based on the historical period chosen for the representation.

5) AI avatars (site)

AI avatars

Another valid site that we can use to create realistic and fantastic avatars using artificial intelligence is AI avatars.

The site in question is a point of reference for anyone who wants to create images thanks to AI: to proceed, simply upload one of our photos or selfies to the engine, provide some indication of the desired style (we can also let the AI ​​choose the style directly), and, if satisfied with the result, download our new avatar as an image or upload it directly to social.


All the apps and sites that we have reported to you will allow you to create realistic and cool avatars with AI for free (in some cases with limited daily or free credit-based usage limits available).

All these AI tools are similar to Lensa AI the progenitor app of the AI ​​generator genre, which went viral in the last months of 2022 but can only be used for a fee (with all the necessary limits).

intelligence,AITo try other effective tools based on artificial intelligence, we can read our AI guides for the best AI (artificial intelligence) experiment sites and use our AI image generators to create art from text.


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