Get a hack-proof and eavesdropping iPhone

Do we want to take the privacy and security of our iPhone to the highest level? Let’s see how to take advantage of the isolation mode of the iPhone

iPhones are very safe and reliable devices for those who particularly care about computer security and their privacy: for years Apple has followed the absolute privacy policy, encrypting the data stored on the iPhones and allowing the complete management of data exchanged with apps, with websites and with Apple servers.

But if we are publicly exposed users (politicians, company presidents, public administration directors, activists, journalists, etc.) the iPhone’s basic security measures are not enough: for these users it is necessary get a hack-proof and eavesdropping iPhone with the isolation mode.

In the following guide we will show you what is iphone isolation mode and how to activate itthus obtaining a iPhone closed and protected from external threatswith very few activities unlocked for communication with the outside world.

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1) What is isolation mode

Isolation mode

There isolation mode it’s a hidden and little publicized feature of iOS 16 which allows you to maximize the security of the iPhone when it communicates with the outside world, so as to impede access to hackers, malware and any type of eavesdropping via spy app.

With Isolation Mode turned on, iPhone activates the following security measures:

  • Accessory block: we will not be able to connect any accessory or external device to the iPhone.
  • No configuration profile: We can’t install configuration profiles for Apple devices, therefore making it impossible try iOS preview.
  • Attachment Blocking: Any email attachment will be blocked, regardless of content.
  • Apple invitations: All invitations to Apple services will be blocked, but those we have already responded to in the past will still be valid.
  • Web browsing block: All websites will be blocked, except those we have whitelisted. Unblocked sites will also be severely limited by blocking JavaScript components.
  • FaceTime block: only users we have contacted in the past will be able to contact us; all new users will not see our FaceTime profile, which will be inaccessible.
  • Shared albums: Shared albums are removed from the Photos app and new invitations to shared albums are blocked.
  • Message Filter: Most attachments in messages are blocked, except some image, video, and audio formats. Links and link preview are not available.

All of this security does not involve phone calls and SMS, which will continue to work while isolation mode is enabled.

2) How to activate isolation mode

iPhone protection

Activating isolation mode is very simple and any iPhone owner can do it (we can always deactivate it, so it costs nothing to try). To proceed, open the app Settingswe press on the menu Privacy and securityscroll down to the menu Isolation modewe press on Turn on isolation mode and confirm by pressing on Activate and restart.

At the next reboot we will have in our hands an iPhone proof of hackers and eavesdropping. With isolation mode enabled we will receive notifications when an app or function is restricted and a banner in Safari when isolation mode is active.

3) Further protect privacy on iPhone

iPhone VPNs

iPhone Isolation Mode will protect you from most corporate and organization-installed spy apps, eavesdropping apps, and almost all web and email threats, but can do nothing against the exposure of the IP addressthat can provide detailed information on the type of phone usedon the pages visited, on the history and on the settings related to the isolation mode (risk of exposing ourselves even more, especially if the function is not used by many users).

If we really care about privacy on our iPhone we will have to combine the isolation mode with a good premium VPN service located in countries that do not spy on usersas an example NordVPN, Express VPN And CyberGhost.

Unfortunately free VPN services are not secure enough for the purpose and will expose you to great cyber security risks; to learn more we can read our guide to best subscription for fastest, most reliable and unlimited vpn.


iPhone isolation mode can be useful for those who are very publicly exposed and wants to use a secure, wiretap-proof phone. With this mode active, the iPhone will become very uncomfortable to use but it is the price to pay for being exposed public figures. To get maximum privacy always work with a good paid VPN serviceso as to also mask the IP address of the iPhone.

To learn more we can read our guides on how to hide photos on iphone and how change privacy settings on iPhone.


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