How to add resumes and find work on LinkedIn

To find a new job on LinkedIn you need to upload an excellent resume or create a new one from your profile; let’s see how to do it.

LinkedIn can be an excellent opportunity for anyone looking for a well-paid and satisfying job, given the presence of numerous Italian and foreign multinational companies ready to hire the right profiles.

Creating a new profile is a good starting point, but to be able to actually find work on LinkedIn it is necessary create a curriculum vitae on our skills, on the work carried out in the past and on our most important qualities.

In the following guide we will show you how to add resumes and find jobs on LinkedInshowing you what types of resumes should be uploaded, how to upload it to the platform, and how to share it publicly so companies can read it anytime.

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1) Create a new resume for LinkedIn

On LinkedIn we can create a new resume from scratch using the LinkedIn Resume Builderthe tool dedicated to creating resumes suitable for the platform.

To proceed, access the LinkedIn site from a PC, click on the personal icon at the top of the homepage, press on View profilewe select the item Other and finally we press on Create a resume.

From the voice Select a resume you can choose different methods for creating our new resume:

  • Existing curriculum: if we already have a resume uploaded to LinkedIn we can view, download, edit or delete it by pressing the button Other to the right of the curriculum and choosing the most appropriate item.
  • Create from profile: this item allows you to create a new curriculum starting from the information and professional experiences contained in the LinkedIn profile.
  • Upload resume: to be used to upload a traditional resume.

To learn more, we can read our guide on how to convert Linkedin profile into Curriculum CV to print and keep online.

2) Upload your resume to LinkedIn

If we have a ready-to-use CV (created for example on Europass CV), we can upload it to LinkedIn in a simple and immediate way, so that we can immediately provide the skills for a new job.

To proceed, all we have to do is take us along the path Personal icon -> View profile -> More -> Create a resume and select the item Upload resume to upload your personal curriculum, preferably in PDF format.

If we have a paper CV we will first need to get one scanner or one multifunction printerscan the sheets one at a time and finally create a single PDF document to upload to LinkedIn with the procedure described above.

For those who want to quickly create PDFs from sheets of paper, we recommend reading the guide on how to convert documents and images to PDF for free and on best scanner programs for windows.

3) Upload your resume during an application

Did we find an interesting job offer on LinkedIn? To associate our curriculum with it, all we have to do is press on Simple application within the ad, fill in the mandatory fields required by the company we are applying for and press on Upload CV in the field CV (optional).

Now it is possible both upload a new resume (in PDF format, maximum size 2 MB) both choose the curriculum already uploaded in the past on the platform, in order to speed up the application process. At the end of the loading, press on Submit application to start the procedure and find work.

If instead of the key Simple application we find the key Candidateswe will be redirected to the company website or to the recruitment page, leaving LinkedIn: in this scenario we will not be able to upload the CVs present on LinkedIn, but we will necessarily have to download a copy from the CVs already present on the platform.

4) How to set the default resume on LinkedIn

Is uploading resumes for each new application annoying? With LinkedIn we can change your application settings and upload a predefined resumewhich will be selectable during any application.

To proceed, let’s go to the page Application settingslog in with our LinkedIn account, press the button Load (in the section Curriculum Vitae) to upload or choose which resume you view when applying.

The last four resumes uploaded with this method will be archived as well made available on the application screensso you can select the appropriate CV now or the updated curriculum without having to upload it to the profile each time.


Finding a job on LinkedIn is possible, but for to increase the chances of success we will have to treat the LinkedIn profile with the utmost attentiontreating it as if it were our personal CV.

For convenience we can also upload paper or digital resumes already created in the past and choose which curriculum to send directly in the application screen, choosing if necessary also the CV already configured.

To increase our chances of success in the job search, we advise you to read our guides to rules for a perfect Curriculum and mistakes not to be made come on how to publish your CV online to look for work and get your CV found on Google.

Also on LinkedIn we can read our articles about how to search or offer a job on LinkedIn and on what are the alternatives to LinkedIn to find work online.


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