How To Create Polls On Whatsapp

Whenever we want to know about preferences or opinions in a group, we can now create quick polls in WhatsApp on Android and on iPhone.

One of the new features of WhatsApp is polls, an excellent tool for making collective decisions within a group of friends or for getting the opinion of a specific person or friend with whom we are in confidence.

To learn how to make the most of this function, in this guide we will show you how to create polls on WhatsApp for any supported platform, so you can immediately create the poll in your favorite group of friends.

To benefit from this function, we will have to have WhatsApp updated to the latest versionIf.: if we do not see the surveys appear, download the updated version of the app from the Google Play Store or fromApple App Store.

1) Create WhatsApp polls on Android

To quickly create polls on Android phones, open the WhatsApp app, go to the chat or group where we want to launch the poll, press the paperclip icon, and finally press Poll.

This will open a new screen where you can choose the question to ask in the survey and various choice options. As we write new options, new lines will be unlocked for the answers, and, by holding down on the icon with the four lines, we can reposition the answers according to our needs.

As soon as the survey is ready, press the Send icon at the bottom right to send the survey within the chosen chat or within the group.

2) Create WhatsApp polls on iPhone

To create a WhatsApp poll with our faithful iPhone, all we have to do is open the app, press the menu at the bottom Chats Chats Open the chat or the group where we want to launch the survey, press the + icon, and finally press on the item “Poll.”

In the new screen, we choose the question to ask the group or the person, add at least two possible answers, fill in other possible answers (which will appear as we write new ones), and use the icon with the three lines (next to each answer) to rearrange them.

Once ready, we can confirm sending the survey by pressing on the item at the top right, “Submit.” If, on the other hand, we have changed our mind, just press on at the top left. Cancel and confirm the cancellation of the survey.

3) Create WhatsApp polls from PC or online

If we use the WhatsApp app of WhatsApp for PC or WhatsApp Web we can send surveys directly from the computer without having to switch to the phone every time we want to launch a survey.

To proceed, open the WhatsApp application or the WhatsApp Web page from our favorite browser, select the chat or group in which to propose the survey, press the paperclip icon at the bottom, and finally click on the icon Poll (the last ball at the top of the function column).

The window that we have already seen from mobile will open, where you can enter the key question of the survey and fill in the various answer options. Just like on mobile, new answer options will be added as we fill in the fields, and we can reorganize them by holding the mouse button down on the icon with the four lines (present next to each option).

For further information, we can read our guide to tricks for WhatsApp Web on PC on the Windows site and app.


The polls function of WhatsApp may not warm the hearts of many (who prefer to see much cooler new features than just a survey), but it is none the less a new function that we can use, even for fun, within group chats.

They can be very useful if we are part of a family group, parents, or a group of friends, and we need to know everyone’s opinion within the group so as to make a collective decision.

To learn more, we can read the guides on how to send files with WhatsApp from a PC or smartphone or on how to create a WhatsApp chat on a PC.

If, on the other hand, we are looking for other sites and methods to create online surveys (to be shared on social networks or within messaging apps), we invite you to read our articles on sites and apps to create forms, questionnaires, polls, and questions, and methods for creating Facebook polls with two or more choices.


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