How to disconnect a device from Netflix

Have too many devices connected to the same Netflix account? Let’s see together how to remove the unused ones and prevent access

Netflix allows you to manage devices connected to a single account, so you can remove devices you no longer use or for bring out the devices of friends and relatives who have migrated to their personal accounts (after Netflix’s crackdown on sharing accounts outside the family environment).

In the following guide we will show you how to disconnect a device from Netflix using the menus offered by the page Netflix account management or using the Netflix app (available for both Android and iPhone).

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1) Log out of Netflix account from PC

Manage logins and devices

To disconnect a single device from the Netflix account in use, all we have to do is open any web browser on our PC (Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge), go to the Netflix pagelog in (if necessary), press on the user menu, then on my account and finally click on Manage logins and devices.

Alternatively, we can quickly access the connected device management page by opening the link Manage logins and devices.

Once on the page we identify the device we want to disconnect (by carefully reading the name of the device, its approximate position and the last access) and click on the button You go out to log out.

The chosen device will no longer be able to access the Netflix catalog with our account: he will have to log in again in order to continue viewing.

2) Log out of Netflix account from phone and tablet

Mobile Netflix release

To sign out on a single device using the Netflix app (for Android and for iPhones/iPads) all we have to do is open the app on our device, we open the menu Other and press up You go out to disconnect the device in use.

If we wish disconnect a different device we will necessarily have to sign in to Netflix from a mobile browser and use the procedure already seen in the previous chapter.

3) Disconnect all devices

Netflix total disconnection

We don’t know how many devices are connected to our e we want to do a total cleaning? In this case the disconnection procedure is slightly different from the one seen so far (we dare to say more drastic and direct).

To proceed with the total disconnection of Netflix, let’s go to the page to sign out of the account on all devices from a PC or mobile web browser, log in to Netflix (if necessary) and press the button You go out to disconnect all connected devices.

We will now be able to regain control of the account by logging in again only on authorized devices or on the devices present within our household, keeping out uninvited friends and relatives.

4) Change your Netflix password

Netflix security

After disconnecting the devices from Netflix (possibly following the procedure to exit all the devices that used that account) we advise you to change your login password immediatelyso as to prevent an unauthorized user (and just logged out) from logging in again without our permission.

To change the password on Netflix we open the Netflix login help pagewe press on E-mailenter the email address associated with the account and click on Email me.

Now all we have to do is follow the password reset procedure received in the e-mail address provided: just click on the link to create a new secure password and log back into Netflix.

The same procedure is also available if we have registered a phone number for the Netflix account: in this case we open the Netflix login help pagewe press on Text message (SMS)enter the registered telephone number, press on Text me and we provide the code received via SMS; now we will be able to choose the new password for the personal Netflix account.

With the phone number in fact let’s add two-factor authentication, essential to always have full control over the Netflix account activity; if we have not yet entered the telephone number, we suggest that you read the guide on how to add phone number to netflix account.


Since the account can no longer be shared outside the household, it is better to intervene immediately, disconnecting all devices of friends and relatives outside the core: we can either disconnect the connected devices individually (preferred choice if there are few devices) or disconnect all devices at the same time, change the Netflix password and log in only on the Smart TV at home, on family phones/tablets and on the PCs inside our home.

Always Netflix themed we can read our ai guides best tricks and hidden features of Netflix come on how to watch Netflix in 4K.

If Netflix’s new corporate policy doesn’t like anything forbids us to proceed with the cancellation of the personal accountknowing that you can use your account again at a later time.


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