How To Put Music On Discord

Do we want to let people know what song we listen to on PC or play music on a Discord server? Let’s see together how to do it.

Discord is one of the best platforms to connect with your friends and share a common passion, especially if we often talk about video games. The features most loved by users are the ability to customize their profile or their serverfor example showing the music we are listening to at that precise moment on Spotify or adding bots to the server to play non-stop music.

In the following guide we will show you in detail how do you put music on Discordshowing you what we need to do to share the music we listen to on Spotify and what we need to do to add music bots to our Discord server.

If we are not yet subscribed to Discord we can proceed directly from official site; to access Discord from a smartphone or tablet we can also use the official Discord app, downloadable from Google Play Store and fromApple App Store.

1) Show the music listened to on Spotify

If we use Spotify (both free and premium) to listen to music on the PC, tablet or phone we can let our friends and acquaintances know on Discord what we are listening to at that precise moment, by showing an information banner on our profile or by sharing listening to the song automatically into the chat.

To integrate Spotify on our Discord profile, open the service’s website or app, log in, open the User Settings icon (at the bottom, in the shape of a gear), click or press on the item Connections in the menu on the left, we press on add, press on the Spotify icon and use the login page to log in with our Spotify account.

After connecting Spotify to Discord, all we have to do is open the Spotify site or app and start playing a playlist, song or album: thanks to this integration, what we are playing will be shared with all friends real time, so you can also share this experience on our Discord chats.

To listen to a Spotify song together with a friend click or tap on someone who is listening to Spotify (from the friends list on the right) and tap on Listen together. This feature only works in text chats; it cannot be used on voice chats.

If we listen to a song together with a friend who has the free version of Spotify we will not hear any sound when listening to the advertisement; this problem can be overcome by using both the Premium version of Spotify.

2) Use music bots for Discord

Discord music bot

If we are the creator or administrator of a Discord server we can add a music radio bot to itable to play music 24/7 for free and without limitsusing radio streams on the Internet.

To add a music bot on Discord we open the website dedicated to radio bots compatible with Discord, we choose the bot to integrate on our Discord server, press the button Invitewe enter the login credentials for our Discord account, we choose on which server to add the bot (the list will appear if we manage many servers at the same time) and confirm where necessary to add the bot to the Discord server.

Alternatively we can add the music bot to the Discord server directly from mobile by opening the Discord app, pressing the camera key and by scanning the bot invite QR code; after the association, simply select the server to add the bot to and confirm to put music on Discord.

Of course we try to don’t go overboard with activating the music bots: in most cases a single music bot is more than enough to be able to make the atmosphere of the server and channels much more welcoming and tailored to the friends and acquaintances for whom we are managing the server.

For further information, we can also read our guide to sites for downloading free music, free to listen even in clubs and parties.


Discord is highly appreciated by gamers to exchange opinions, organize online game sessions or to share videogame experiences, even if on paper Discord lends itself well to any type of topic (such as Japanese comics, cartoons and more).

If we often listen to music on Spotify we can activate the banner on our Discord profile, so as to share what we are listening to to friends and allow them to listen to their favorite music together; for administrators it is possible make your Discord server and managed channels even more beautiful adding music ots, capable of playing non-stop music via internet radio streams.

To learn more, we can read our guides to best Group Voice Chat (PPT) on web and PC come on how to listen to free online radio on pc and websites.


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