How To Repair Windows 10?

How easy it becomes to format and repair Windows 10 and reinstall Windows cleanly by resetting PC errors

Windows 10 is still one of the best operating systems produced by Microsoft, both for its resistance to errors and the most common problems. This robustness is also due to the numerous tools with which it is possible to repair the system without ever having to use USB sticks or optical discs with the Windows image.

In fact a Windows PC today no longer formats it is accurate to say that it resets, reinstalls, resets, but everything is automatic and within the reach of even novice users, who can in fact restore Windows themselves without having to call a technician.

In this guide we will show you how to repair windows 10 using the tools made available by the operating system; currently we can use both the method that formats the system but leaves personal files intact and the system to format all of Windows, without leaving any trace (the PC returns as new and formatted).

1) Windows repair saving personal data

To repair Windows 10 without losing personal files, press WIN+I to open the app Settingswe select the menu Update and security and finally click on the side menu Restoration.

We click on the button It begins present under the section Reset your PC and, for this part of the guide, we choose the voice Keep my files; then we will see the Windows download window appear, in which we will have to choose Local reinstallation or Download via cloud (the latter to be preferred to get Windows 10 clean and updated).

After a few hours we will have Windows 10 formatted as new, with no trace of the previous installation but with personal files in their place. However, the programs and apps will have to be re-downloaded from scratch, perhaps this time relying on the open source programs or ai portable programs.

2) Repair Windows by deleting everything

Total Windows Repair

If, on the other hand, we want to delete everything that is present on Windows (perhaps for safely sell the laptop on eBay or other sales sites) we reward WIN+Ilet’s go back to the path Update & Security -> Recovery and press on again It begins present under the section Reset your PC.

This time we choose as an option Remove everything; in the new window we select Cloud-based downloadswe press on Change settings and activate the switch under the entry Clean data?so from format the entire drive and make it nearly impossible to recover data on your computer.

Once ready, press on Next and confirm the total formatting of Windows 10; this process could take many hours, but the time lost to format it is an extra security to prevent someone from recovering the personal files on our computer.

3) Repair Windows 10 from Recovery Environment

Reset PC

If Windows 10 crashes on startup or restarts continuously, we can format the system from the recovery environment built into the system. It will appear after 4 forced restarts of Windows or (from the login screen) by pressing WIN+L and holding up shift while we select the button Shutdown > Restart.

In the screen that appears, click on Troubleshooting and select the item Reset your PC. The procedure is completely similar to that seen from the Settings menu: we can choose whether to keep our personal files (Keep my files) or do a full format (Remove everything), so that the internal disk returns to its original state.

4) Repair Windows 10 from USB stick or DVD


If Windows 10 does not boot even with the recovery environment (rare but not impossible), the only way to format the system requires the use of a blank USB stick of at least 16 GB or a blank DVD to burn, both of which must be used on a still-working PC.

Once the computer in question has been recovered, we open a web browser on the Windows 10 download page and press the button Download the tool now presented under the section Do you want to install Windows 10 on your PC?

seconds,The official Microsoft tool will be downloaded to create Windows 10 installation media. Once downloaded, open the tool, wait a few seconds and then continue by pressing Accept and then Create Installation Media.

We press up Come on and, on the next screen, remove the check from the item. Use the options recommended for this PC and make sure that you set the tool to install Windows 10 in Italian and with 64-bit architecture (in the drop-down menu Architecture, we select 64-bit (x64)).

We press on again. Come on, and in the new screen, we choose whether to create the installation media on a USB stick or if we want to create an ISO image to burn later.

Obviously the procedure changes according to our choice:

  • USB flash drives: we insert an empty USB stick into a socket of the same name on the computer, put the check mark on this item;
  • ISO files: an ISO file will be created to be saved in a folder of your choice on the computer and which we can burn onto a blank DVD using a burning program.

Once our support has been created, insert it on the non-functioning PC, start it and let’s change the boot orderso that you can select the USB stick or DVD.

Repair from external support

.OnAfter selecting the right destination, the Windows 10 installation procedure will start: on the first screen, press Custom: Install Windows only (advanced option).


A screen will open with the partitions present on the hard disk or on the SSD; select all the partitions one at a time and press on untilDelete we get a single partition called Unallocated space.

Now we can finally format the computer by selecting this single partition and pressing down on Come onso from install Windows 10 with a clean install.


Windows 10 can be fixed easily without even having to call a technician or take the computer for assistance: just follow the best procedure for our PC, choosing whether to save personal data or delete everything, and come back with Windows 10 as new (without a trace of our passage).

To avoid having to lose your personal files with one of the procedures described in the guide, we advise you to make backups of your files as described in our guides How to backup files in windows 10 and Best programs to make free automatic and incremental backups.

If instead of complete formatting we want to use restore points to recover PC functionality, we invite you to read our article Restore your Windows system configuration if your PC doesn’t work today.

To learn more, we can also read all the ways to fix windows 10 and create recovery disc.


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