How To Reset Or Reset Your Echo If Alexa Isn’t Working?

Have an Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, or Echo Show that isn’t working or won’t connect to Wi-Fi? Let’s see how to reset it and start over

Devices that support Alexa voice commands have become the best voice assistants for the home. Unfortunately, even the Alexa speakers can run into a connection error or a reception problem; in this case, the best solution is to reset and reconfigure them as if they had just come out of the box.

In the following guide we have collected all the methods for how to reset and reset alexa devicesspecifically the devices Amazon Echo and similar. With these procedures, the speaker in our possession will be as good as new, and we will be able to launch our favorite voice commands again.

1) Restart the Alexa device

Our Amazon Echo can simply be restarted; this is sufficient to restore correct operation in most cases. The procedure to be followed is as follows:

  • Unplug the Echo for 5 minutes, then plug it back in.
  • We activate and deactivate the mute of the microphone (red LED ring, which we can turn off by pressing the button in the shape of a crossed out microphone).
  • We connect the Echo to one 5GHz Wi-Fi networkso as to avoid interference and speed drops.
  • We connect the Echo directly to the modem’s wireless network, without using Wi-Fi repeaters.

If none of the previous methods have worked, we can consider resetting the device, using both the physical key procedure and the Alexa app procedure.

2) Reset via physical keys

To quickly reset an Amazon Echo, hold down the button Action (in the shape of a dot) for 20 seconds, until the circle of light revolving around the LED appears again.

At that precise moment, the settings relating to the Wi-Fi network used so far will be deleted (useful if we change modems or connect to a new 5 GHz network faster), along with your Amazon account information and any voice recordings in your device’s cache memory.

After completing the procedure, we can proceed with the initial setup of the Echo, including reconnecting it to our Wi-Fi network and our Amazon account.

On the Echo Show, the procedure is different: we can reset the device by holding down the volume mute and volume down buttons for about 15 seconds, until we see the Amazon logo appear. After a few minutes, we will see the initial configuration screen appear, so that we can start over.

3) Reset via Amazon Alexa app

Echo recording

Resetting via physical keys is the fastest and most effective way to reset an Amazon Echo device, but we can alternatively proceed to also reset via the Amazon Alexa app management app for all compatible devices.

To proceed, open the Amazon Alexa app (available for android and iPhones), verify the Amazon account in use (it must be the same one associated with the Echo), press at the bottom right on Devices, then press up on the menu Echo & Alexa, select the Echo to reset, press on the gear-shaped icon at the top, scroll through the page, and finally press on Unregister next to the field Registered to.

Canceling the registration will cancel the associated Amazon account and the Wi-Fi connection used so far; the Amazon Echo will show the rotating light circle in correspondence with the bright LED, a clear sign that the device is ready for a new configuration.

4) Reconnect Amazon Echo device

Reconnect Echo

After deleting the account association on the Echo device or after resetting it, we can proceed with the association as if it were a totally new device.

To proceed, open the Alexa app again, press down on Devices. Devices  andpress on the + symbol in the upper right corner and then on Add device. In the screen that will appear, press on the item “Amazon Echo,” then select the Echo model you have.

The Echo configuration procedure will now start with a search for nearby devices (we advise you to stay within 2 meters of the Echo to be configured). We follow all the steps described by the procedure so as to be able to choose the Wi-Fi network to which it must connect and in which virtual room it must appear.


These suggestions should be enough to solve most of the problems we can run into with our Amazon speakers. If the Echo device in our possession still does not work, we can always proceed with the Amazon guarantee, which can reimburse the expense within 2 years of purchase.

To better understand the meaning of the Amazon Echo’s bright LED, we refer you to reading our guide, Amazon Echo: Meaning of Alexa’s Colors of the Light Ring.

If Alexa hasn’t understood us well lately or we notice that she doesn’t respond quickly to commands, we advise you to read our guide on how to improve Alexa and make it more accurate by improving the reception of voice commands in all environmental conditions.


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