How to tune your TV and scan for channels

Are we having difficulty tuning in to new channels on the TV? Let’s find out together how to tune any TV on the market

A TV that doesn’t display your favorite channels can be very frustrating, especially if you don’t remember the right sequence of keys and menus to press to retune the channels received via the antenna. The problem does not always concern the secondary channels; often the Rai and Mediaset channels disappear, i.e., the most-viewed channels in Italy.

Since it is impossible to remember the procedures for all televisions on the market, we can bookmark this complete guide on how to tune any TV to find the missing channels, where we have enclosed the tuning procedures for all major TV brands so you can always find the channels you were looking for.

1) Tune LG TV

To tune a LG television, press the gear-shaped button on the remote control, go to the menu Channels, press Tuning and Setting Channels, then select the item “Auto Tune.”

On the new screen, we select Antenna as the original source, enable the search for digital channels only, choose automatic numbering, and wait for the progress bar to fill up to 100% to complete the addition of new channels.

2) Tune Samsung TV

If we want to tune a Samsung TV, press the Home button on the remote control, go to the menu at the bottom of the screen, move to the left, and select the menu Settings; on some models, the procedure is slightly different, but finding the menu Settings already completes half of the necessary journey.

To search for channels, we open the menu “Channels” or “Transmission,” then we choose the voice “Automatic Tuning” or “Auto Tuning Settings,” and select the item again. Automatic tuning and finally press the button Start to start channel search.

3) Tune in Philips TV

If we have a Philips television with a proprietary system, we can tune the new channels by pressing the button Settings on the remote control, which takes us to the menu All settings, and then the menu Channels.

In the new menu, we press on Antenna/Cable Installation, Channel Search, and Start Now. we press on the item Reinstall all channelswe select the country ItalyWe select the antenna as the source, set the search for digital channels only, and then press Okay to start channel tuning.

4) Tune Hisense TV

If we have in our hands a Hisense TV, we can tune the channels by pressing the button Menu on the remote control, selecting the item Settings, and going to the menu Channel.

After opening this menu, we select the item “Auto scan scan.” We enter the unlock code in the field. Enter PIN (by default it should be 0000 or 1111), press on Change settingswe change one of the options present (setting Antenna and dtvrepeating the steps even if they are already selected), press on Please scan again and finally we confirm the start of the search by pressing on Okay.

5) Tune Sharp TV

To tune the Sharp TVs, let’s go to the menu settings of the television using the button Menu or Home on the remote control. We open the menu Channels, and we start the automatic tuning.

On some Sharp TV models, we can also try the manual tuning to start the search for the single channel that does not catch.

6) Tune Panasonic TV

To tune a Panasonic television, we press the key MENU of the remote control, select the item Menulet’s, get on the path Setup -> Tuning menu, and enter the security PIN (if requested; by default, it is 0000 or 1111).

Now all we have to do is press the DVB-T tuning menu button, choose the item “Auto tune,” and press the OK key to start searching for new channels.

7) Tune TCL TV

On TCL televisions, we can tune in the missing channels by pressing on the house-shaped button (Home) on the remote control, then pressing on the menu Input and selecting the item TV. Finally, let’s go to the menu Channels (you may need to press the gear button before selecting this item).

Now just press on Channel searchselect the country Italy or Italyenter the security password, and finally press “Automatic Update” to start channel searching.

8) Tune Sony TV (not Android TV)

Whoever owns a non-Android TV from Sony can tune in new channels or find missing channels by pressing the buttons MENU or HOME on the remote control, taking us to the path Settings -> Digital Setup -> Digital Channel Search or Channel Search, and starting the search.

Alternatively, we can search for channels in Settings -> System Settings, Settings -> Channel Setup, Digital Setup, Digital Channel Search, or Channel Search.

In both cases we will be asked if we want to retune the TV: we confirm where necessary, we choose the source Antennaleaving the entries on Car and setting Quick scan (great for searching new channels on the fly) or on Full scan (if you have trouble finding channels) next to the selection menu Scan type.

9) Tune TV with Android TV or Google TV

All smart TVs equipped with Android TV or Google TV (Sony, Philips, and others) have the same menus for tuning and finding missing channels.

To proceed, all we have to do is press Quick settings on the remote control, select the menu SettingsTake us on the path: Channels & Inputs > Channels > Channel setup Press “Search ChannelSender” and enter the security PIN (required only by some TVs; the default is 0000), select the item “Digital Press” in the “Settings” menu, and then click “Next” to start channel tuning.

10) How to tune channels without remote control

Without a remote, it could be very difficult to tune the TV, as not all universal remotes support the button Home or Settings (required to access the TV settings).

In this case, we advise you to purchase a complete universal remote control, such as the Meliconi Easytel TV+, equipped with support for all the smart settings present on the main televisions.

Alternatively, we can try to use the phone as a backup remote control, as seen in our guides on how to control TV with an Android smartphone and remote control apps and how to change the TV channel with the infrared sensor of the Android phone.

11) How to tune channels without an antenna

Does the TV not have an antenna connected, or does it not see digital terrestrial channels? In this case, the only thing we can do is find an HDMI port on the back and connect an Amazon Fire TV Stick.

With the Fire TV Stick, we can watch digital terrestrial channels in streaming format without an antenna, using the official apps of the broadcasters. To learn more, we can read our articles on how to turn any TV into a smart TV and what to do if you don’t see TV channels.


As already mentioned at the beginning, we can very well put this guide in our browser bookmarks and read it every time we have to tune a television of a well-known brand. If we have a little-known TV or one of Chinese origin, it will be difficult to replicate the steps seen above, even if in most cases it is sufficient to open the settings and find the menu Channels or Antenna to start a channel search.

On the same topic, we can read our AI guides for the best smart set-top boxes for old TVs. Come learn how to watch TV on a PC!


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