More useful Automated Shortcuts on iPhone to add

Want to use the iPhone to its full potential? Let’s find out together the best shortcuts or commands to automate some operations.

The iPhone is a complete and ready-to-use phone that we can customize and optimize in various ways. The most effective is to use the app Shortcuts on iOS (call Quick Commands in the Italian version of the system), a great tool to simplify many daily activities and save a lot of time.

In the following guide we will show you what they are the smart shortcuts (downloadable for free) to better use the iPhone in all scenarios. We are free to activate all the recommended shortcuts or give priority only to those that actually seem to fit our needs.

Before continuing we strongly advise you to always keep your iPhone up to dateso as to always have the latest news and support the new shortcuts that we are going to analyze in this article.

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1) Increase reload speed

The first shortcut we recommend using is Fast Charge Modewhich allows for increase reload speed by deactivating, with a single touch, non-essential services (GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi), lowering the brightness to minimum, activating the low consumption mode and the airplane mode.

To use it, all we have to do is tap on the link and select Yes from the confirmation pop-up, so as to activate our personal Fast Charge.

2) Intelligent energy saving

Another shortcut that we immediately recommend adding to our iPhone is intelligent powerdedicated to all users who struggle to get to the end of the day with a single battery charge and are unable to recharge in the meantime.

This shortcut will activate the low power mode if the battery is less than 25% and will switch to ultra-low power mode less than 5%; in the latter mode we can only make telephone calls, with the Internet deactivated, brightness at zero and Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and mobile data deactivated.

We can customize the percentages at which to trigger the two energy saving thresholds, in order to adapt to our use.

3) Expel the water from the boxes

Our iPhone got wet in the rain or did it land on a liquid by mistake? We can use the shortcut Water Ejectable to carry the speaker volume 100% while iPhone vibratesplaying a bell sound once the ejection is finished.

On the same subject we can read our guides onapp that dries phone speakers and expel water with sounds come on how to save a wet or dropped cell phone.

4) Convert photos to GIF

Among the most useful shortcuts from a social point of view, it stands out Convert Photos to GIFable to convert selected photos from gallery to animated GIFgreat for sharing on social media or messaging apps.

The converter also works with videosso you have more ways to create the perfect GIF.

To learn more, we can read the guide on how to make gif animated photos from iphone.

5) Do not disturb timer

Even though the iPhone has a great focus mode we can speed up the start of do not disturb using the shortcut Do Not Disturb Timerable to create a schedule for switching on and off the do not disturb mode customized according to our needs.

We can indeed create a do not disturb timer of an hour or moreso that we can take a nap or concentrate fully during study or work.

Still on the subject of concentration methods, we can read our guide on how to block calls and notifications at night come on how to silence notifications and calls automatically on iphone.

6) Create PDFs

Those who use the iPhone for work and often receive documents in various formats (via email or chat) will find the shortcut really handy MakePDFdesigned for convert anything into a downloadable PDF document in the phone memory or to be shared on websites, via email or via chat.

It adds itself as a shortcut in the menu Share of iPhone and can be used with any type of document, file or web link: just select it and choose where to save the new PDF document. We can also edit the PDF on the fly to apply notes and underline text.

On the same topic we can read our article about how to convert Email to PDF.

7) Remove background from portrait photos

Photography enthusiasts know how annoying it can be to have to remove the background from a portrait photo; without opening complicated apps we can remove background from photos using shortcut Remove Background from Portrait.

The shortcut allows you to immediately edit the photos taken in portrait mode from the iPhone Camera app: just start it, select the correct photo and immediately remove the background, leaving only the outline of the portrait (which we can save as a separate photo or add a new background).

This shortcut is limited to only photos taken in Portrait mode; to remove the background from any photo on the iPhone we can read the guide to app to change or remove background in photos.

8) Clear screenshots from memory

Anyone who takes a lot of iPhone screenshots knows how cumbersome they can be and how much space they can take up; from the Photos app we can directly delete the entire screenshot folder but, if we want to save some screens, we can instead rely on the shortcut CleanUp Screenshots.

With it we will be able to choose which screenshots to keepquickly deleting all the older ones, those that came out badly or that we no longer want to keep in the internal memory of the iPhone, thus recovering internal space for new photos or new videos.

If the problem is the iPhone space we can read our insights on how to erase data on iPhone and clear memory come on how to free up space on iphone internal memory.


To download and use these quick commands right away, that’s enough open this page on the iPhone browserchoose the shortcut to add and finally confirm the addition and activation within the app Quick Commandspresent on all iPhones updated to the latest version.

Those who want to make the most of the iPhone can also read our guides to best finger gestures useful on iPhone and iPad come on how to best use the iPhone Control Center.


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