Play With Santa Claus And Follow His Sleigh Around The World

Playing in Santa’s village, following the flight of his sleigh online, in real time, on the journey of December 24th

In this digital age, Santa Claus is more connected than ever, and one can imagine this jolly fat man living at the North Pole in a house with holographic displays, touchscreen windows, and wireless speakers connected via Bluetooth to the computer that play Christmas carols all the time. Obviously Santa Claus is also a true technology enthusiast, with a smartphone and a tablet in which applications for translating foreign languages ​​and a map with GPS navigator are installed.
Thanks to technological advances, Santa Claus can receive emails and answer questions sent by children via Twitter and Skype. Nothing less is expected of a man who travels around the world on his sled, which is, without a doubt, the fastest vehicle in the world.

To stay connected to him and follow Santa Claus in his village and during his journey around the world on December 24th, there are some mobile applications and official sites.

You can follow the flight of Santa’s sleigh in real time in an absolutely serious and official way on the site that tracks all the flights in the world: FlightRadar24.
On the site of the airline flights, you can therefore check the position of the flight with an identification code of SANTA1/R3DN053, which departed from the North Pole airport and was clearly indicated by a reindeer sleigh.

Like every year, then, you can browse the site Google Santa Tracker for discover the village of santa claus and especially, chart the journey he will take carrying presents starting on Christmas Eve. You will then be able to check where he is and when he will be in your city to bring gifts.
The site can be kept open throughout the day of December 24th to discover curiosities about every place in the world from Santa’s travel diary.

However, the site is not only an interactive map but also a place to play and browse—all completely in Italian. Young and old can click on the various buildings in Santa Claus’ village and start some simple but fun online games. Then scroll down and click on the various points where the mouse arrow becomes a hand to access a special section, which can be a game or a moment in the life of Santa Claus, who is, at this moment, preparing the presents and receiving the letters.

One of the funniest games village presents is the one where you have to pull the presents from above into the sled; another is the one where an elf flies with a jet backpack in search of the presents; and a third is the one where you drive the sled on the snow. All games are controlled with the keyboard arrow keys and the space bar. Among the various areas of the village, there is also the one where you can talk to Santa Claus and chat with him, which is really fun and friendly (the call to Santa is unfortunately only in English).

You can play with Santa’s toy factory in the village, create an elf by choosing his clothes, take care of the reindeer’s greenhouse and gym, practice delivering presents, and take fun Christmas-themed programming lessons. By tapping or clicking the road, you will find more than twenty games and learning activities, including a new 3D snowbox where you can create your own winter scene.

There is also the Santa Claus selfie, which takes Santa Claus to the barber, and it is therefore possible to cut his beard, color his hair and beard, and tan him as you prefer to take the photo.
It should also be noted that by searching on Google from the smartphone, it will be possible both to enter the Santatracker village directly and to press for coloring a Christmas illustration, i.e., a famous cover taken from Google Arts & Culture.

We can also find out what’s going on in Santa’s village by asking the Google Assistant on your smartphone or a Google Nest (Home) device, “Hey Google, what happens to the North Pole?” to receive updates from the elves. Among other questions, you can ask the Google Assistant to “Write a letter to Santa Claus.”

This site, which is only active during the Christmas period and is taken offline during the rest of the year, is certainly not the only one that connects to Santa Claus and his GPS.

You can also surf on Norad Santa and follow his every move on the map provided by Bing, from the moment he starts his journey. To connect to Santa Claus with Norad, you need to install the application available for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone. You can also send an email to Santa Claus by writing to

Norad Santa and Google Santa Tracker are also among the top 10 apps to celebrate Christmas on Android and iPhone

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Another site to find out about Santa Claus is Northpole. com which opens with a panoramic view of the secret village of Santa Claus. You can click on the houses to enter them and read stories (this time in English) and play.

Santa also has an official site in all the languages, including Italian, at the address (the real village site in Rovaniemi, Finland). Here is all the information about Santa’s studio, addresses to send Christmas letters to, the post office, opening hours, photos and videos of the Arctic Circle and the village where he lives, and there is also a live shot with a fixed camera in the studio where Santa Claus works.

Still doubt that Santa Claus does not exist?
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