Prevent someone from following us on Facebook: all methods

How to hide from friends on Facebook if you don’t want to share what you do or who try to contact us too often

Facebook can turn into a problem if some old friend, acquaintance or boyfriend starts following us assiduously by sending messages, spying on everything we publish and sending many chat messages, becoming stalkers to all intents and purposes.

The stalking today he is also prosecuted by law in Italy but the police can hardly stand behind every complaint for social media. In any case, before going through legal channels, one can try to discourage the stalker, preventing anyone from following us on Facebook.

In this guide we will show you all the methods for avoid being followed on Facebook by harassing people so as to be able to use the social network to prevent them from always sending messages or from reading everything we do or say, also blocking access to information we want to keep secret (such as the city we live in).

1) Block someone

On Facebook it is possible to block unwelcome people by opening the blue social site, logging in with our account, pressing the profile picture at the top right, taking us to the menu Settings and privacy -> Settings -> Privacy opening the menu Block someone and clicking on the button Edit next to the entry User block.

In the window that will open, click on Add to blocked list and enter the name and surname (or email) of the users to be blocked. If there are several people with the same name, a list of matching profiles will be displayed to choose from, to avoid cases of homonymy.

2) Block users from their profile

Profile lock
On each Facebook user profile we can block a person by pressing the icon with the three dots, pressing up Block and pressing up Confirmation.

If this is not enough we can report it to Facebook by pressing on the three dots, clicking on Find help or report and choosing the problem in the list that will appear (we can also press on More to access all the blocking options).

Blocking the person will prevent any interaction or relationship or message between you and this; moreover, it is also possible to remove him from the friends list, so as to no longer see his profile and hide any communication system available on Facebook.

3) Block Facebook messages

Block messages
If the person you want to hide from sends us private messages in Messenger, you can block it by pressing on the user’s name in the chat window and clicking on Block.

After choosing we will be offered to block the user and remove him from the friends list, so as to solve any problem; when we block a friend or any other Facebook user there will be no warning or notification to that person but your profile will not be visible to him and, likewise, his profile will no longer be visible.

4) Make your Facebook profile private

Facebook privacy

If you are heavily persecuted by a stalker it is likely that this, noticing that you are blocked, creates a new profile every time only to return to the office.

In this case you should consider the possibility of make the profile private so that it still remains visible to friends but so that strangers cannot find or write to us. To make the Facebook profile private, all we have to do is press on the user profile at the top right, click on Settings and privacy and open the menu Privacy control.

Now all we have to do is open all the menus in the various privacy categories and select Only me, Friends for most items. For some voices, Friends of Friends is the most restrictive option, but that’s okay as long as it’s not there Everyone or Public.

To make the profile even more secure let’s go to Settings & Privacy -> Settings -> Privacy -> Profile & Adding Tags and we modify all the entries on Friends or up No (only exception Control where we can set Yup); finally we open our profile page and press on Edit profile or Edit details to hide personal information (we can put on Friends or Only me).

Unfortunately you can’t completely hide a profile: Facebook says that “your name, profile picture, gender, and network are and will always be open to everyone“.

An updated and detailed one is written in another article privacy options guide to choose what others see.


Facebook is a tool through which a person can easily suffer stalking and intimidation, perhaps by trusting friends or acquaintances who he thoughtlessly adds to the friends list. In the most serious cases (and by serious I mean months of forced harassment, insults, offenses or repeated threats) it is always advisable to contact the authorities such as the State Police.

For those who fear having too intrusive friends or annoying people, it is advisable not to add everyone without criteria and to remove where necessary; if this is not enough, we make the profile private and use the tools offered by Facebook to block any message, post or any spying attempt.

Still on the subject of security and respect for privacy on Facebook, we can also read our guides on how to unsubscribe from facebook and delete the profile and about how avoid getting your Facebook password stolen and account stolen.


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