Project to TV with Chromecast Built in (integrated)

How to cast content from your phone or PC to your TV if you have an Android TV or Box with Chromecast built in (Built In)

The Built-in Chromecast (Also known as Chromecast Built-in) allows modern Smart TVs to project multimedia contents from an Android smartphone or tablet onto the screen and to view the contents of Apple’s multimedia apps.

This interesting feature is not integrated on all Smart TVs, forcing users to purchase the Chromecast real to be able to manage the Google Cast protocol without problems.

To avoid having to occupy too many HDMI ports on the back of the TV we will show you in the following guide how to get Chromecast built-in showing you the devices that have the feature Chromecast Built-in therefore able to replace both the Chromecast and similar multimedia devices (such as the Fire TV) in one fell swoop.

In the final chapter of the guide we will also show you how to set up the built-in Chromecast, so that content from compatible apps or Android phones connected to the same network can be correctly projected.

Nokia Streaming Box

The first device with built-in Chromecast that we can use is the Nokia Streaming Boxa latest generation TV Box equipped with Android TV operating system, support for over 7,000 streaming applications, 4K Ultra HD resolution, HDR10 support, Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth connection, HDMI output, voice control via Google Assistant and integrated Chromecast .

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick

Xiaomi TV box

If we don’t like the idea of ​​having a TV Box in plain sight we can connect it Xiaomi Mi TV Stickin fact the definitive stick to watch any multimedia content.

On this stick we find Android TV operating system, support for all the most famous multimedia apps directly from the Google Play Store, Bluetooth remote control with integrated Google Assistant, premium surround sound and integrated Chromecast.


Android TV

Those who want to replace their TV with a Smart TV can consider buying an Android TV like the Sony BRAVIA X72Kwhich at an advantageous price offers a 43 or 50-inch 4K UHD screen, support for HDR10 and Hybrid Log-Gamma technologies, Bravia Engine processor, support for multimedia apps from the Google Play Store, Google Assistant voice commands and integrated Chromecast.

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How to cast apps to built-in Chromecast

Google Cast

Projecting to a device or TV with integrated Chromecast is all in all very simple, since the steps are practically the same as we were used to on the Chromecast. First, let’s connect the TV to the home modem: all devices connected to it will see the built-in Chromecast and they will be able to transmit the contents.

After connecting the TV to the network, all we have to do is start the desired multimedia app, start the content to be broadcast on the TV, press the Google Cast icon at the top and choose the name of the television in the list that will appear.

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How to cast full screen to built-in Chromecast

Cast screen

To project the full screen of the PC or smartphone on the integrated Chromecast we will have to follow two different paths based on the device in use. On PC we will have to install Google Chrome start it, press on the three dots at the top right, click on Broadcast and choose the name of the device with integrated Chromecast, taking care to set the full screen for the transmission.

On Android devices we can cast the full screen by opening the app Google Home pressing on the name of the TV or TV Box with integrated Chromecast and finally press on Cast screen.

Fix problems with Chromecast built-in

If we have problems transmitting content on the integrated Chromecast, we can perform a few simple operations to restore correct operation, after verifying that the device is correctly connected to the home network.

The first step involves adding the integrated Chromecast to the Google Home devices: usually this procedure is automatic when we add the Google account on the Android TV or Android TV Box, but in case of problems we can always proceed manually by opening the app Google Home pressing the + icon at the top left, pressing on Set up deviceby pressing on New device and finally pressing on the name of the TV or device with integrated Chromecast (if not associated, its name will appear).

Another method to solve problems with integrated Chromecast is to update or delete the data of the Chromecast built-in apps, i.e. the system app that allows you to manage the functionality on TVs and other devices. To proceed we open the Google Play Store, we search Chromecast built-in and check if there are any updates.

If the updates don’t solve it, we open the Settings we press on App, we identify the Chromecast built-in system app and proceed to clear the data and cache like any other app; this app can’t be uninstalled completely, but we always can uninstall updates as a last resort to troubleshoot (this trick works on older TVs and is definitely worth trying).

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TVs or TV Boxes with integrated Chromecast they are definitely a convenience to use: given the widespread use of the Google Cast protocol we will be able to quickly project multimedia content the full screen of the PC, the contents of a card or anything else without having to enable mirroring or Miracast.

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