Rates And Mobile Internet Subscriptions For Modems With Data Sims

What is the cheapest rate to surf the Internet using a mobile modem with a SIM card

In many parts of Italy, it is necessary to use a SIM data modem to be able to navigate at high speed since we are unlikely to get anything better than ADSL via cable (now too slow to do anything).

In these scenarios, the most logical, economic, and obligatory solution is to use a mobile Internet subscription provided by a cell phone company such as Vodafone, WindTre, TIM, or Iliad and use the gigabit available to provide internet to all the devices in the house.

In this guide, we have collected the best, updated, and most convenient offers to be combined with a modem with a data SIM so as to be able to give up the fixed connection via telephone socket and connect wherever there is cellular signal coverage, using the speed of the LTE or 5G lines.

1) Preliminary information

The problems to be faced when we want to use a mobile subscription to replace a fixed line are numerous and put the customer in a situation where we will have to decide which is the lesser evil.

No operator ensures full speed at any time of day, and you are warned, in small notes below, that the speed may be lower than promised, especially during peak hours or in cases of excessive traffic on the line.

The first thing to do after buying the new data SIM is remove the security PIN, since it will no longer be needed once inserted into the modem (it can also cause connection problems, so better get rid of it immediately and forget about it). For this operation a telephone may be necessary: ​​we can use a old android smartphone abandoned and no longer updated.

To get one mobile line that can really replace a fixed line, we will have to focus immediately on offers with unlimited gigabytes: even if there are still some limitations on speed and correct use, only with these offers will we be able to surf the Internet without worrying about the end of the available gigabytes.

2) Which data SIM modem to use

First, let’s see the best internet deals. We will have to get a good modem with data SIMs so as to be ready once the choice on the offer has been made.

The best modem with data SIM that we can buy at the moment is the Tenda 4G07 4G LTE router, equipped with an AC1200 Dual-Band Wi-Fi module, a SIM card slot at the bottom of the modem, a LAN/WAN port, and an automatic network configuration system (just insert the SIM and access the Wi-Fi network to navigate).

Good alternatives to the Tenda modem are the Cudy AC1200 WiFi Mesh and, for those who want to navigate at maximum speed, the TP-Link Archer MR600.

For more information, please read the articles on how to use the Internet stick with tablets and mobile phones and on what are the best portable travel routers.

3) Best offers for modems with data SIM

with SIM cardchapters, card chapters, After choosing the modem with a data SIM card suitable for our needs, let’s see in detail the various offers provided by the operators available in Italy. In the following chapters, we will only find offers with unlimited giga and with the maximum speed unlocked, so as to be able to replace the ADSL or fiber optic flat without too many regrets.


The cheapest rate for modems with data SIMs is undoubtedly the WindTre More Unlimited 5Gthat priced at €29.99 per month and offers unlimited giga with 5G Priority Pass, priority use of the 4G network (on the modems seen above), and call center service without waiting.


If we want to use Vodafone’s unlimited offer for our modem with data SIM, the only sensible choice is the Vodafone Infinito Black Editionthat priced at €39.99 per month and offers unlimited giga in 5G, maximum connection speed, a secure network package with 1 month free, Vodafone Club+ included, and 5G Priority Access included.

If we want to save money it is also available Vodafone Infinito for €24.99 a monthbut in this case the maximum download speed will be limited to 10 Mbps.


Does TIM do very well in our area? In this case, the best offer that we can subscribe to for the modem with data SIM is the TIM 5G Power Unlimitedthat priced at €39.99 per month and offers unlimited giga in 5G, priority navigation up to 2 Gbps, a secure navigation pack, immediate and dedicated assistance, and satisfied and guaranteed assistance.


If we really want to replace ADSL with a modem with data SIM, the only truly convenient offer is that of WindTre; the other operators mentioned have greater speed and coverage, but the prices are also higher.

If we want to spend less, we can always insert a SIM with many gigabytes (at least 100 GB) and choose from the data offers for smartphones seen in the guide to the best rates for Internet on mobile phones (Tim, WindTre, Vodafone, etc.). To learn more, we can also read our guides on how to have Internet without TIM and a telephone line and how to replace the telephone line with VoIP and how convenient it is.


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