Remotely Control Your Pc From A Mobile Phone: Mouse, Keyboard And Applications

A free program to control the PC from a mobile phone Unified Remote, for Android and iPhone, complete with all functions

Remotely controlling a PC directly from your phone is really very useful, especially if we want to manage a PowerPoint presentation, control Spotify playback, or watch Netflix without approaching the computer in question, thus remaining in our armchair, chair, or sofa and using the screen of our smartphone as a touchpad or a virtual keyboard.

To succeed in this small masterpiece of technology in this guide we will show you how remotely control a computer using your phone as a remote. The most suitable program for the purpose is Unified Remote, available as a server for PC and Mac and as a control app for Android and iPhone.

1) Install the server on your PC or Mac

To start, we will have to download the Unified Remote Control Server on our PC or Mac so as to have the basis for being able to remotely control our computer.

To do this, simply open the site of Unified Remote Server on the PC or Mac with any browser, click on the link according to the operating system in use, and install the server like any other application on the computer.
During the installation, be sure to check the items Enable the driver input simulator (so as to speed up future access to the application), Add Windows Firewall exceptions (to bypass firewall checks) and start the server after installation (to start the server immediately).

At the end, the Unified icon will appear in the lower right corner (on Windows) or in the upper right corner (on Mac), a sign that we are ready to receive remote connections from any telephone.

2) Install the app on your Android phone or iPhone

Now that the server is ready on the PC or Mac, we can install the Unified Remote app on our phone using the Google Play Store ol’Apple App Store depending on the device in use.

Once the download is complete, open the Unified app on our device and follow the instructions in the next chapter to remotely control the PC. We remind you that in order to use this app, the phone and the PC to be controlled must be connected to the same modem, both using Wi-Fi and the network cable (in the case of the PC, we can use both Wi-Fi and the Ethernet cable).

3) Remotely control your PC

With the Unified app open on our phone, press on. I’ve installed the server, and we await the end of the search for devices on the network.

As soon as the search ends, a list of devices on the network will open; press on the name of the PC or Mac to check, and press on the bottom Let’s Get Started button to access the device control screen.

To control the mouse and keyboard, just open the menu Basic Input and move your finger on the screen to move the mouse cursor. To activate the keyboard, we will have to press the button at the bottom left, while to control the multimedia apps, just press the button at the bottom in the center.

Among the other functions of the app, we find the File Manager (to access PC folders remotely), the multimedia app control system, the menu to shut down or restart the PC, and the remote screen viewer.

Many of the secondary functions can be unlocked only by purchasing the paid app; the free version still allows you to access the basic controls, more than enough to be able to move the cursor and manage the keyboard and applications without being present in front of the PC.


Unified Remote application is the best to control PC from mobile remotely when we are in the same room: with the screen of our phone we can easily move the cursor to open, close or minimize apps, check the progress of presentations and manage streaming apps while sitting comfortably on a chair, sofa or bed.

The free version is already perfect, but with the paid version, we will get new functions that encourage you to do more, like directly control the most popular multimedia apps and turn off the device with a single touch on the screen. To learn more, you can read our guides on how to automatically lock a PC with your phone and how to execute commands remotely on a PC with a smartphone or tablet.

If we want to control the PC away from home, we will have to rely on remote control apps via the Internet, such as those seen in the guides on how to use TeamViewer and on the best remote desktop programs to remotely connect to your computer.


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