See and write Emojis on Windows PC and Mac

How to enable, read, view and write Emojis with the keyboard on Windows PC and on Mac

Emojis are the new generation of emoticons and can be used in messages or on sites like Facebook to express a certain mood or action with a simple symbol drawn in a colorful and fun way.

Emojis can be read and viewed on any device, including Windows PCs, i Chromebooks and the Macs; in the latter case we will have to use the integrated virtual keyboard or rely on some emoji site to write the desired ones while typing, with less practicality than phones (where emojis are immediately available).

Let’s see together how to make emojis on PC, Chromebook and Mac using only safe and certified methods; let’s avoid looking for emojis or emoji programs on the Internet, since many of them are viruses.

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1) Check emoji support

Before using any emoji let’s see if the PC in use supports them (which is not a given) by going to the site or on the site istartedsomething.

If you see all of the squares, then your computer doesn’t have Emoji support. The site Emojipedia it also has a section of the latest emoji releases.

2) Use emojis on Windows PC

On PCs with Windows 11 and Windows 10 emojis are natively supported so they should be visible and you don’t have to do anything to add them. To write Emojis on Windows PC we can use both the virtual keyboard and the shortcut dedicated to special characters.

To immediately call the emoji keyboard without going through the virtual keyboard, press the keys windows-point on our physical keyboard, then let’s go to the tab emojis to add the desired smiley. There is also a search engine inside, so you can search for the desired emoji.

Alternatively we can use the virtual keyboard (different from the on-screen keyboard) to make emojis on Windows PC. To proceed we open the Start menu, search for virtual keyboardlet’s get to the voice Toggle the virtual keyboard icon on or offpress on the drop-down menu next to the item Virtual keyboard and set it to Always.

Now all we have to do is press the virtual keyboard icon on the application bar at the bottom right, press the square button with a heart (present at the top left of the virtual keyboard) and take us to the Emoji menu, so we can choose the emoticons to use on PC.

Note, for example, that Emojis also work on documents Word and PowerPointboth on Microsoft Office and on LibreOffice or any other writing program, choosing the Segoe UI Semibold. In Microsoft Word, press insert on the menu at the top and then the symbol button at the top right.

3) Using emojis on Google Chrome

To write Emoji on the browser Google Chrome we can install the extension Emoji Keyboardwhich allows you to call up a keyboard of emoticons and smileys to insert them on any website.

To write Emoji on websites you can also install the extension Emoji Keyboard for Chrome which brings up all the smileys from a button in the upper right to insert them in any text field.

4) Using emojis on Mac

On Mac we can make emojis by clicking on a text box where to write and then pressing the keys together Control-Command-Spacestarting a shortcut similar to the one seen on Windows (complete with a search bar for smileys).

Alternatively we can add emojis by going to the menu Edit at the top of the bar and pressing on Emojis and symbols; other valid shortcut is globe-Ebut only if present on our keyboard.

If your Mac has the Touch Bar just touch the icon emojisthen tap an emoji to add it to your site, social media, or document.

5) Use emojis on Chromebook

Chromebooks are computers based on Google Chromeso they have great emoji support without having to install anything.

To add any emoticon to the computer, turn on the Chromebook, select the time at the bottom right, press on Settingslet’s go to the menu Accessibility and, in the section Keyboard and text inputwe activate the option On-screen keyboard.

After opening the on-screen keyboard, press the key emojis and select the emoji or image that we want to insert on the site or on social networks.


Inserting emojis on PC is really very simple, as all modern operating systems support these special characters in their font set. If we notice that some new or very used emojis are missing, we suggest you Always keep your operating system up to datesince the emoji set is updated as a font and is included in routine updates.

Alternatively we can find more online emoji for sites, Messenger, Whatsapp and web chat.

We suggest you read the guide on this topic app to create custom emojis (Emoticons) on chats and messengers.


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