Send personalized Christmas greetings or postcards to print

Best apps and sites where to create Christmas greeting cards to send by Email, by message or to print and put in the gift

Given the abundance of services on the internet capable of creating Christmas greeting cards and animated and fun postcards, we see in this article the best sites and resources dedicated purely to Christmas, so you can send Christmas greetings in Whatsapp or Messenger messages, on Facebook or also by email or to be printed on paper tickets.

In this article, unlike the previous one, we focus on the applications and websites that allow the creation of Christmas greeting cardsanimated postcards and tickets ready to be printed to combine with Christmas gifts, always on the theme of the December 25th party.

Top Apps To Create Christmas greetings

1) Merry Christmas Photo Frames is a free app for Windows 10 and Windows 11 that allows you to create a real Christmas card with a photo on which to choose the Christmas background, title, and personalized greeting message. You can choose the frame and different Christmas elements like the Christmas tree, ornaments, reindeer, ice castle, snowman, snowflakes, presents, gingerbread men, candy canes, and more.
The end result is a simple image that can be saved on your computer, printed, and sent by regular mail, or you can send it directly by e-mail. The whole image is customizable in the colors, sizes, and fonts of the text. The site requires registration by providing a valid email address.

2) The site 123Greetingsspecialized in greeting cards for any occasion, has developed a section for Christmas with animated postcards that are very beautiful graphically, fun, and combined with Christmas music.
They can be sent by mail, indicating the address of the sender and that of the recipient. The recipient will receive an email with a link to click to open the postcard. If you wanted to share the postcard with your own email, it would be better to send it to your address first and then share the message by sending the 123greetings link. The links for the Christmas cards are:
classic greeting cards
humorous ecards all to laugh about
religious postcards
postcards to send to friends

3) Photo Card Maker provides high-quality images to customize for Christmas greetings. The site is easy to use and very powerful for creating very nice and professionally designed images, which can then be saved and sent in WhatsApp messages or via email.

4) Canva, the popular professional publishing production site, also allows you to create Christmas cards with images ready to customize and edit with messages and photographs. You can then add speech bubbles, elf hats, Santa Claus, and other ornaments to your pictures to turn ordinary photos into festive postcards. To celebrate Christmas, Canva has prepared hundreds of images to choose from and edit, all free and to be used freely and without registration.
Canva is also available as apps for Windows 10 and Windows 11.

If you want to try to find other graphic models, you can try to use several other Canva-like sites for creating custom photo cards.

5) The site Greetings Island is an excellent site for creating greeting cards of all kinds, with a section dedicated to Christmas greetings using personalized images. The web application provides an editor to modify the chosen template to add messages, stickers, and other fun elements. Finally, you can download the ticket as a PDF, an image, or send it directly via Facebook.

6) Greety is a site as simple as it is effective and specialized in allowing you to quickly create a personalized video postcard with Merry Christmas wishes. You can then write the message, write the recipient’s name, paste the URL or address of a public or private Youtube video (therefore perhaps recorded by ourselves) and then preview it and generate the link to share in Whatsapp, Facebook or Email .

7) Smileboxes is a service that allows you to send cards and postcards with Christmas greetings using personal images and photos with a message. To use the site, you need to register for a free account.

8) Touchnote to send real greeting cards by post, created from a PC or mobile phone

9) Mescards is a simple and particular site that allows you to customize Christmas greeting cards to be printed on two pages, making them ideal for gift cards. The designs are simple but original and perfect for the December holidays.

10) faceinhole is a beautiful online photo montage service, already treated as one of the best for putting your face in a photo, that offers many very nice Christmas scenarios to put your face in photos with Santa Claus or other characters. They are not real greeting cards, but the final image can be saved to send it on WhatsApp or via email.

11) Elf Yourself to put a photo on a dancing body is one of the funniest sites ever, where you create a video montage with your face on the body of an Elf or Santa Claus. At the end, you can send an animated greeting card with a personal message. Elfyourself is a paid app, which can be used for free for a 7-day trial period as needed.

12) Adobe Express is another very good free site where you can create your own postcards, try out different backgrounds and templates, add text, and apply effects, filters, and even animations. The site is similar to Canva, therefore, with many designs ready to be customized using a powerful and professional editor.

If you want to use them smartphone applicationsI refer you to another article on app to send Christmas greetings.

The list of free sites instead continues with:
Create personalized greeting cards
Animated greeting cards with videos, photos, and images
Christmas templates in Word or PDF to download for free, print and edit
Sites to create cards for Christmas and birthdays

In another article, you can listen to and download Christmas music to use in greeting cards.


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