Sites and apps for quick reading of web pages and texts

To learn to speed read, some applications that show the words of a text by scrolling them quickly and large on the screen

Using the quick reading we will be able to assimilate the concepts faster, especially if we have many articles to read and we need to quickly learn the basic concepts.

This particular skill is in great demand in office jobs, where in addition to being able to read quickly, an excellent understanding of the text read at high speed is also required, as well as having to write equally quickly.

To give us a noticeable advantage when looking for a new job in the following guide we will show you the best sites and apps for speed reading web pages and textsso you can learn the reading technique of professionals after a few weeks of constant practice.

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1) Spreeder (online)

spreaders spreaders is the best site to increase reading speed and read sequentially, with a speed that you can select at your choice.

Within the site it is possible to take advantage of the reading engine offered, also adjusting the reading speed we intend to achieve: if you put a long enough text you can try the effect of reading 1000 words per minute (unit of measurement “wpm” ) and realize how very difficult it is to reach this level.

To work well let’s try 300 words per minute or similarincreasing as we become more familiar with this speed.

Among other things you can choose the color and size of the font printed on the screen and you can also choose a variable speed depending on the length of the words and sentences.

2) ReadSpeeder (online)

ReadSpeeder ReadSpeeder is another online site that offers speed reading support.

On ReadSpeeder you can control the reading speed and increase it up to the maximum personal limit in order to train and practice to learn to read quickly; on this site the single words do not appear in sequence but with a series between two and four at a time.

You can register for free on this site, to have the advantage of saving the selected texts and reading them later. The article to be read can be copied from any web page and pasted in the section where “Add Text” is written.

3) Read faster (Android and iPhone/iPad)

Read faster To read faster from smartphones and tablets we can download the app Read fasteravailable for android and for iPhones/iPads.

With these apps in Italian we can learn to read web pages and texts quickly, following exercises aimed at reading speed, passing scheduled tests and solving quizzes and games inspired by speed reading.

Probably the best method for really learn speed readingespecially if we mainly use the tablet or phone to read.

4) Schulte boards (Android and iPhone/iPad)

Schulte tables Among the best methods for fast reading of web pages and texts we find the Schulte tablesa scientific method that we can try on android come on iPhones/iPads.

Following the mnemonic method ed learning to read quickly with the proposed exercises we’ll be able to reach a professional level in no time, just apply yourself at least once a day with the exercises and reading tests offered by the app.

5) SwiftRead (Chrome Extension)

SwiftRead SwiftRead is an extension for Google Chrome that adds a button to open the quick reading page of the site you are visiting.

For those who want to learn to read quickly this is the most comfortable system, ideal for reading any blog or newspaper article and learning to read as fast as possible.

The extension is compatible with all sites where there is an article or text to read and, after loading it, we will have access to an integrated player with which we can learn to read quickly, trying to keep up with the pace proposed by the extension (which we can adjust according to our need).

6) Sprint Reader (Chrome Extension)

SprintReader Also as an extension for Google Chrome we can download SprintReadereven more powerful than the addon seen in the previous chapter.

This extension integrates into right-click and, after selecting any text, it will allow you to read it at a very high speed.

The words flow very fast and there are large writings, so you can read even a long book in less than an hour.


These speed reading tools can be recommended for measuring one’s reading ability but their use can also be recommended for learning how to read get used to reading quickly, a feature much in demand in office work.

Do not overlook instead the use as support for those who find it difficult to read online texts when they are written small or on internet pages with invisible colors.

To learn more we can read our guides on how to read only the text of websites and on best Chrome extensions for school and education.


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