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Best sites where to publish a blog for free, so that it is easy to maintain and write

A blog is probably the best way to start an online business, without having to build a website from scratch (which requires computer skills and a lot of spending money). Those who have an idea for a cooking blog, a blog to sell their products or a showcase blog for businesses can get started in a few minutes, choosing the best free blogging platforms.

In this guide we will show you what the best sites to blog on any topic and what are the tricks to use to be able to specialize a blog on a specific topic, so as to quickly increase the number of people who will follow and read our new blog.

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1) Best Blogging Platforms

WordPress To create a personal blog in which we tell about ourselves or our adventures, we can use free, optimized, ad-free and easy-to-use sites that respect copyright and leave full freedom to the writer, guaranteeing 100% that that blog will never disappear, will never be deleted and will always be online, unless the author himself decides otherwise.

The most famous platforms for create a generic blog or one in which we tell about ourselves they definitely are And Bloggers; by creating your own generic blog on one of these two sites we will be able to dedicate the right amount of time to it without having to spend anything at the beginning of the adventure (not even the cost of the domain), given that both offer free space in which to develop one’s ideas.

Blogger can be used right out of the box, requires very little configuration and can be customized using ready-to-use themes; those who have never created a site or a blog before can start from here and immediately start writing their stories and preferences.

WordPress offers numerous additional settings compared to Bloggerwhile remaining very simple to start and configure: this site has become particularly famous for its WordPress pluginsreal extensions that allow you to quickly add SEO optimizations, control over published content, cache for the most visited pages and much more.

As we will see in the following chapters WordPress can be easily adapted to any specific blogging scenario: it will be the basis that we will advise you to be able to quickly create a cooking blog and a blog for product sales. In addition to WordPress we will also recommend other specific platforms for the activity at hand, so that you still have an alternative.

2) Create a cooking or product sales blog

Custom domain If we are passionate about cooking and want to share our ideas and recipes immediately, we recommend using WordPress as a starting point, customizing it to adapt to the “culinary” needs of the articles we are going to write.

First, we strongly recommend that you purchase a custom domain in WordPress: there is nothing worse than having a generic blog and the same as all the others without being able to distinguish ourselves from the crowd.

When we choose a custom domain, in addition to the name, it is also very important to choose the top level domain (it can really make the difference to stand out):

  • .blog: standard domain, a little too generic but still effective for telling yourself and your adventures.
  • .art: domain suitable for a creative cooking site, but it can also be adapted to a site for the sale of paintings, a site where we talk about art and creativity.
  • .store: to be chosen with eyes closed if we are creating a blog to sell our products online, since it immediately recalls the sale in a shop.

After choosing the custom domain it’s time to focus on the graphic aspect of the blog: luckily WordPress offers many free and paid themes freely modifiable, so as to be able to quickly adapt them to any need.

To transform a simple blog into a successful site we also recommend using some WordPress plugins like the ones seen below:

  • Yoast SEO: essential for optimizing pages for search engines.
  • WooCommerce: the reference plugin for those who want to sell something on the site in complete safety, with a secure payment platform, shopping cart and logistics management.
  • Give WP: plugin to create and manage fundraisers.
  • Sensei: plugin to sell digital courses.
  • WooCommerce Bookings: essential for those who want to use the blog to sell services and dynamically manage customer appointments.

The flexibility of WordPress is one of a kind, also thanks to the thousands of plugins that we can install to better customize our new blog.

The only sibling alternatives are Joomla, Drupal And Ghostsbut these sites require superior computer knowledge in order to be managed effectively (in fact we are going to create real sites and not simple blogs).

3) Showcase blog for commercial activities

Landing page If we already have a business started it can be very useful to create a blog page that acts as a landing page or showcase page: we can thus insert this blog in our social channels, in email messages and even in business cards, so as to make known who we are, what products or services we offer and how to contact us.

Given the importance of the Landing page, we can use both Blogger and WordPress to create it but, even more than before, we always choose a custom domain: this blog page will be the digital showcase of our store or our business, we can’t skimp on the name (which must be immediately associated with us or with what we do).

For this purpose, we choose the .com or .it domain without hesitationavoiding the use of other “imaginative” domains: the simpler the name, the easier it will be for some users or clients to visit it.

In addition to WordPress and Blogger, we can create a showcase blog site using the tools offered by sites such as Weebly, Wix or square space.

To learn more we can read our guides on how to create a commercial or professional site with Google Sites and on best sites to create a forum for free.


All these platforms recommended in this guide can be used to create your own professional blog, perhaps even inserting your own advertising, without having to spend a single euro or spending just the cost for the personalized domain (if we are very ambitious).

For ease of use and costs (zero with the standard domain) the best is Bloggerwhile the one that fits any type of topic or content is definitely WordPresswhich with plugins can turn a simple blog into a professional site with attention to every detail.

To learn more we can read our guides on how to create the perfect website or blog with Blogger and ai best WordPress plugins.


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