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Do we know everything about the iPhone and iPad? Let’s find out in this guide some tricks, functions and options to change in the settings

Every time Apple releases they are new updates for iOS, we will get new features such as to make our iPhone always in step with the times and with the needs of users loyal to the brand. While many updates have obvious features, many others add little-known ones that risk going under the radar.

In this article, we will examine the most special functions present on the iPhone. Some of these tips only work on the latest iPhone model (iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max), while others can also be found on older Apple smartphones.

1) Manage display always on

On the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max, we can benefit from the screen always being on, so you can immediately see the received notifications and alerts without having to unlock the phone. This feature consumes less battery than turning on the actual screen.

To manage this feature, we open the app’s settings and go to the menu. Screen and brightness and turn on or off the switch next to the item Always activeso you can decide independently whether to use this innovative function.

2) Manage vibration on touch on the keyboard

The latest iOS update has brought a very welcome novelty to Apple users: haptic feedback, which adds a pleasant vibration to the pressure of the keys on the keyboard integrated into the phone so as to better perceive the pressed keys.

To activate or deactivate this function, open the app’s settings and let‘s go to the menu feedback. soundsSounds and haptic feedback when we press on the menu. Keyboard feedback, and we operate the switch next to the entry for haptic feedback, deciding whether or not to keep this pleasant vibration.

3) Protect private notes

We created a note on the iPhone but want to prevent someone from reading it by mistake. Luckily we can protect our private notes with Face IDso that only with our face it will be possible to access the content of the note.

To proceed, open the app Settings and select the option “Password,” and, on the next screen, select the option “Use device passcode and the voice command.” Use Face ID or Touch ID (depending on the type of iPhone you have).

4) Edit or unsend iMessage

iMessage,be happyknow happyknow If you often send messages with iMessage, you will be happy to know that it is now possible to edit or unsend messages within seconds of sending.

To edit or cancel messages, open the Messages app, type your message to send in the chat of your friend or acquaintance, and, in case of error, long press on the message so you can use the options Edit and Cancel sending.

If the person to whom we are sending the message does not have iOS 16, the incorrect message will still be seen, even if after a while he will see the changes applied (similar to when seen on WhatsApp and Telegram).

5) Delete duplicate photos

The Apple Photos app is the reference point for those who take a lot of photos, since we can immediately see all the photos we have taken with the iPhone. If our phone fills up with duplicate photos you don’t need to use third-party apps to delete them, as the app now integrates one function to delete duplicate photos immediately.

iPhone,To delete duplicate photos on iPhone we open the app Photowe, iPhone, to the albums page, select the menu Duplicate yourself, and manually choose which photo to delete or whether to delete all duplicate photos (just select them and use the trash can icon at the bottom).

6) Remove subjects from photo backgrounds

Among the most popular functions of the new iPhones is the one that allows you to remove subjects from photo backgrounds so that we can remove unwelcome objects and people from our shots or cut out a person (or any object) and put it in another photo.

Using the function is very simple: we open the photo in which we want to remove an object, we hold down on the object we want to remove or move, and, as soon as it is surrounded by the new borders, we can use the delete key to remove it, or, if we want to move it, we just open a new photo and paste it into it.

The finger-cropped photo can also be saved as a new photo by opening the Notes app or by opening any photo editing app (such as Photoshop Express).

7) Turn on custom spatial audio

If we own the Apple AirPods 3 and AirPods Pro, we can take advantage of spatial audio to obtain an even more immersive sound, also based on the distance and position of the two earphones (in fact, the front camera will be needed for adjustments).

To take advantage of this function, open the AirPods case, verify that they are connected to our iPhone, and then open the app Settings. Settings iPhone,we press on the menu AirPods We press on “custom spatial audio,” and we follow the instructions on the screen to activate the function correctly.

8) View the password of the Wi-Fi network

One of the limitations of modern phones is the lack of a fast method for seeing the passwords of the Wi-Fi networks we have connected to; this limit can be overcome with the new version of iOS 16, which shows Wi-Fi passwords in clear text if requested by the user.

To view the password of the network to which we are connected at that moment, all we have to do is open the app Settings, press the “i” icon next to the network to which we are connected, and finally press on Password to unblock the Wi-Fi password display.

9) One-handed mode

On modern iPhones, you can also use a convenient one-handed mode, which is very useful if you have an iPhone with a very large screen (as in the case of the iPhone 14 Pro Max).

To activate this mode, we have two methods: we can simply drag the bottom of the screen down to reduce the size of the screen itself; on iPhones with Touch ID, simply double-tap (without pressing) the key Home to zoom in on the top of the screen.

If the shortcuts indicated do not work, we must first activate the function, taking us to the path Settings > Accessibility > Touch and activating the voice Easy Access.

10) Siri voice commands

On the iPhone, we can use Siri’s voice commands to launch applications with our voice.
To activate the voice commands, you need to hold down the central button for a few seconds or the headset button to see the Siri screen appear, ready to listen to us.

Alternatively we can take us to the path Settings -> Siri & Search and activate the items above, i.e Enable “Hey Siri”, Press the Home button for Siri and Use Siri when locked.

Among the most useful commands that we can use, we find:

  • Call
  • What time is it?
  • Play album_name or song_name
  • next or previous to skip to the next song
  • Cancel or Stop to exit
  • You open app_name
  • Send message to contact_name
  • Write on WhatsApp to contact_name

For more information, read our guide to More Useful Things to Say to Siri (iPhone & iPad Voice Commands).


With the suggestions proposed above, we can take advantage of the potential of the new iPhone, thus avoiding always having to open Google and look for some app to obtain a function most likely already integrated into the device (especially if we have the latest generation iPhone).

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