Start with a new Windows 11 PC

Guide to getting started with a new PC Windows 11 or after a new installation, to prepare the computer for use

Anyone who has just bought a new desktop or laptop computer it will find Windows 11 as the pre-installed operating systemthe latest version of the operating system that Microsoft has brought with it a lot of new things both from the point of view of safety and from the point of view of functionality.

For all users who have used Windows 10 up to this moment or who have never used a PC before in this guide we will show you how to get started with a new windows 11 pcwhat to do from the moment of first turning on and what to configure, so that you can use it safely, without unnecessary stuff on it and with all the programs that are needed for the computer.

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1) Manage the first boot of Windows 11

Windows 11 boot When you turn on the first time new computer with windows 11 (or after making a new clean install) we will see the screen “Let’s start with the area. Is it right?”where we need to confirm the country and region for the language (in our case Italy) and press Yes to start the next screen.

Now next we will have the screen Is this the right keyboard layout? (where to confirm the Italian keyboard) and the What configuration do you want to run?where we can choose Setup for personal use for most setups (unless we’re setting up a corporate computer).
Now the screen for accessing a Wi-Fi network will appear (unless we are already connected via Ethernet cable) and the screen for accessing a Microsoft account (we can always use a local accountbut it depends on the version of Windows used).

We enter the credentials for the Microsoft account or create a local account, choose whether Create a PIN to create a security PIN (again this depends on the type of account chosen) and in the screen Sync your activities? we respond based on our preferences.

Windows may now ask for a product key (if it wasn’t already tied to the motherboard or available from the Microsoft account): We can skip this step for now, since we can always activate Windows 11 later.

The screen will now open Connect your Android phone or iPhone to this PC (we can also skip it and connect later), then we will have the screen for Protect your files with OneDrive (to be activated) and the screen Get help from your digital assistant (where to configure the voice commands, as also visible on the next screen Do more with your voice).

After this sequence of screens, the screens relating to privacy and initial system management will open:

  • Let Microsoft and apps use your location: to authorize sending the location from the system and apps.
  • Find my device: to find lost notebooks.
  • Send diagnostic data to Microsoft: To send diagnostic data for problems encountered in Windows.
  • Improve inking and typing: if we need to configure a touch pen or a touch screen.
  • Get personalized experiences with diagnostic data: To personalize the announcements on Windows based on diagnostic data.
  • Allow apps to use ad ID: To allow apps to use the personalized ads ID.

In all these screens we can answer Yes, No or Only essential data according to our needs and the type of privacy we want to obtain. The only options you can choose to keep active are those related to OneDrive, necessary for backing up your files and system.

After configuring the system, a series of greeting messages will start on a black background, with the system working in the background to immediately optimize the desktop and basic applications; we don’t have to do that wait until the Windows 11 desktop appears.

2) What to do after the first boot of Windows 11

Windows 11 desktops As soon as we see the Windows 11 desktop appear, the computer is ready and we can use it right away, even if we advise you to do some important operations to make it perfect and operational.

Windows activation

If we haven’t already done so during startup make sure you are connected to the Internet and we activate the operating system with a valid and original license.

To activate, right-click on the Start menu, open the menu Settingslet’s get on the path System -> Activationwe press on the button Change or Activate and enter the Product Key in our possession.

If we have a digital license for Windows 11, the activation will be automatic right from the start, as soon as we enter the Microsoft account in the system; in this regard we can read our article on how to use the windows digital license for activation.

Windows Updates

Before doing anything else immediately install the latest Windows updatestaking us on the path Settings -> Windows Update and pressing up Check for updatesso you always have Windows 11 updated to the latest version.

If we have any problems with Windows Update we can always read our guide to Windows Update troubleshooter.

Uninstall pre-installed programs

The last thing to do is uninstall and remove those pre-installed programs unnecessary that each manufacturer puts on the PC such as games, manufacturers’ programs and other unwanted additions, which often start by themselves and slow down the computer.

This problem can be solved already from the installation by doing aclean install without manufacturer customizations.

3) Install your favorite or recommended programs

Favorite apps After starting up for the first time and passing the first checks, it’s time to install your favorite programsso you can immediately start working or studying.

The reference point is the Microsoft Storeintegrated on Windows 11 and capable of providing practically all the most used applications on PC such as Google Chrome, WhatsApp, Netflix, TikTok, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Zoom, VLC, Microsoft Office, 7-Zip, Spotify, Amazon Prime Video, iTunes and many others.

To learn more we can read our guides on how Install programs and apps all together.
how to download the best apps from the Microsoft Store and about which ones are the best programs to be installed always and immediately on Windows PCs.

4) Prepare the PC for any emergency situation

Windows error Even Windows 11 can be subject to errors, blue screens and very resistant viruses: all these problems can lead to the blocking of the operating system and the impossibility of working or studying with the PC.

To reduce the risk of running out of personal files or without programs to work, we recommend that you follow all the suggestions in the next chapters, so as to have valid backups to draw on to get Windows 11 back to working order.

System Restore

The first backup system is System Restore, which activates a real “time machine” with which it is possible to go back to a date prior to the problem, thus resetting all the programs and settings made up to that moment on the PC.

To learn more, we can read our guide on how to restore pc to previous date.

Cloud backup of personal data

Windows 11 has paid much attention to the backup of personal data: by logging in with a Microsoft account it is possible to activate the automatic backup of personal folders (Documents, Pictures and Desktop) by simply opening the app Settingstaking us on the path Accounts -> Windows Backup and pressing up Set up syncactivating the check mark on the indicated folders and finally pressing on Start Backup.

The files and folders will be synchronized in the OneDrive cloud space, so that they can also be accessed from other PCs or from other devices if the PC crashes.

On the same topic we can read our article about how to activate automatic backup in windows 11.

System image

The system image is an image file that contains the exact copy of the operating system, folders and programs installed so far on Windows.

This image is usually saved to the recovery partition on most off-the-shelf PCs and is a partition of reset to factory settings.

Fortunately, Windows 11 allows you to create new system images, to be saved on a external USB hard driveready to be used in case of need from the recovery console.

To learn how to use system images, we invite you to read our guide on how to create a system image on windows.

Alternatively, for the more forward-thinking and good users, we can always clone the disk to have a backup as a system image.

Recover Windows Product Key

If you bought a PC with Windows already installed or if you bought Windows separately, don’t forget to write down the product key somewhere you can find it.

The product code is essential to reinstall the system from scratch and for those who have original Windows it would be a shame to have to buy it again or look for different solutions that are much more inconvenient and not legal.

In another article we have seen how to retrieve windows product key.

Use the recovery console

On Windows 11 we don’t have to Create the Windows Recovery USB stick; on the new system just open the recovery console pre-installed, so you can boot into system restore or use one of the system images, thus always finding a way to boot a frozen or always restarting system.

On the recovery console, we recommend that you also read our guide on ways to fix windows 11 and create recovery disc.


Starting Windows for the first time just got a lot easier than it used towhere we had to have a minimum of computer knowledge to know what to do and what to choose.

With Windows 11, all the screens are very simple and clear: just a few clicks of the mouse are enough to immediately start using the new computer or PC and configure everything in the best possible way, installing safe programs and configuring the system to withstand any unexpected event.

If we love to customize Windows 11 we can read our guides on how to change the look and theme of windows 11 come on how to change start menu in windows 11.


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