Transform Photos In Black And White: Free Programs And Apps

How to color black and white photos or change colors automatically using free programs, apps and sites

With modern phone cameras we can take high-quality color photos, with details and colors that have nothing to envy to digital cameras (at least when compared to compacts, without putting reflex cameras in the way).

If instead we wanted to create an original and unique shot we can focus on black and white photosusing apps or programs to recreate the effect without having to change the camera app settings on your smartphone.

In this article we will show you the best free programs and apps to turn photos into black and white, acting on the color parameters present in all photo editing apps. The apps in question are also perfect for give color to black and white photosin order to be able to convert old photographs scanned to the PC or on which we have made a manual photo shoot.

1) Programs to transform photos in black and white

The best PC program to turn black and white photos is without a doubt Photordownloadable, which is availabledownloadable as an app from the Microsoft Store and can also be used as a web app directly inside the browser.

Fotor is an application that I have already talked about for advanced photo editing that is, very easy to use and very rich in functions. The web-based application has a function called Color Splash to transform photos by highlighting a color or creating a nice black-and-white effect.

Another great image editor to turn photos into black and white is Polarr, which we talked about in the article dedicated to using Polarr to improve the quality of photos.

This program is available on the Microsoft Store but can also be used as a web app from any browser, so as to easily adapt to any scenario. Polarr is a powerful image editor with many options to optimize photos and arrange the colors so as to obtain the desired effect.

Another good program to manage black and white photos is InstantPhotoColoris, a program for Windows PCs and Macs available for free download. InstantPhotoColor adds filters to images with the ability to color only a part of the photo without losing quality or detail.

Using a brush to move with the mouse, you can color a part of the photo with the selected color, like a transparent filter. In a simple way, the program helps to convert a photo to black and white by highlighting a color or changing the eye color in a photo.

The last program that we want to point out to you for transforming photos into black and white is the Color Surprisesmall program for Windows, available as a free download. This application allows you to invert all colors or apply random color effects, so as to make your photos very beautiful as well as creative and original.

We talked about this program in depth in our guide dedicated to Color Surprise, which we recommend reading if you are interested in exploiting the potential of this program.

2) App to transform photos in black and white

Black and white apps Among the best apps that we can use to transform photos into black and white is Snapseed, available for download for android and iPhones.

The app provides various tools to control the photos taken and allows you to apply artistic filters so as to make the photos more beautiful. Among the photo filters, we find many variations of black and white (with sepia and grayscale effects); alternatively, we can also act on the saturation and color parameters to obtain a personal black and white effect or color an old photo already taken in black and white.

Another valid app to transform photos into black and white is without a doubt Lightroomalso available for android and for iPhones.

Created by Adobe, it provides numerous tools to make the photo more beautiful and artistic, with many filters and effects inspired by old black-and-white photos. By uploading a black-and-white photo, we can easily restore the original colors without having to use a PC for the purpose.

-and-For those looking for an app that can apply a spectacular black and white effect, we invite you to try Dramatic Black and White,downloadable for free from the Google Play Store and fromApple App Store.

The app works exclusively as a transform of color photos into black and white and allows you to choose the intensity of black, apply the grain effect, and adjust the color parameters for a certain area of ​​the photo, so you can recreate a mixed effect that is really nice to see.

If instead we look for a camera app to take black and white photos right away, we can try Black Camera for android and for iPhones.

The app allows you to immediately take black and white photos by applying one of the effects available in the lower bar, so you can check in real time what effect it triggers in black and white.

To learn more, we can read our guides to the best apps to edit photos on Android and the best apps to edit photos on iPhone.


We don’t have to be expert photographers or digital graphics experts to convert photos to black and whitetoeffect,To.: to obtain this much sought-after effect it is sufficient to use programs and apps for effect quickly apply the black and white effect. use the filters included in photo editing apps or apply colors to photos that are already black and white (for example, after scanning or taking a photo of old black and white photographs of grandparents or parents).

Still on the subject of black and white photos, we invite you to read our articles on how to create the “old photo” effect on images and how to print in black and white.


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