Tricks and features only on the Facebook App for smartphones

Guide to the Facebook application for Android, all the functions and tricks that are only on smartphones

The Facebook app is great for following your friends even when we’re away from home and following feed or story updates without having to turn on the PC. The app actually hides unique and very useful functions, not obtainable from the web version of the blue social network.

In the following guide we will show you in detail i tricks and features of the Facebook mobile app, available on both the Android app and the iPhone app. By memorizing these tricks we will use the full potential of the Facebook app, improving the usability of the service and security.

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1) Code generator and device requests

If we have activated thetwo-factor authentication on Facebook (which is highly recommended) we can quickly generate security codes and approve requests for new apps (or new browsers associated with the Facebook account) using the phone on which we are already logged into Facebook.

To proceed, open the Facebook app, press the profile picture at the top right, scroll down to the item Settings and privacywe expand this menu and finally press on Code generator or on Device requests to correctly manage access to our Facebook account, so as to avoid intruders or snoopers.

2) Find Wi-Fi

Another unique feature of the Facebook app is Find WiFia search system for Wi-Fi access points (public hotspots) via map and integrated navigation system, really very useful if we are out of town or we travel abroad.

To use this map, open the app, click on the profile picture at the top right, click on Settings and finally select the Find Wi-Fi menu, authorizing access to the device’s location (required to find access points).

3) Find Friends

Among the most useful features present in the Facebook app it definitely stands out Find Friendsa real hub where we can find the pending friend requests and control which people we can add to our friends list (based on our location and friends we’ve already added in the past).

Those who want to take full advantage of this function just have to open the Facebook app, press the profile picture at the top right, go to the menu Find Friends and press on Suggestions (to view new friends to add) or by confirming pending friend requests.

We can also read the guide on this topic Facebook friends map to find where they are or where they live.

4) Time spent on Facebook

The Facebook app is able to tell us how long do we stay in front of the appalso giving us the tools to use it in an aware way (with the notifications mode deactivated and the daily time reminder).

To take advantage of these functions, open the Facebook app, go to Settings and privacy -> Time spent on Facebook and press on See time (to check how much time we spend on Facebook), on See tools (to configure tools to reduce time or make better use of it), on Get more out of your time come on Check your notificationsusing the right menu based on what we want to achieve.

We also invite you to read our articles on this important topic how to find out how often you use your cell phone and usage time come on how to limit the time spent on social media.

5) Gaming and fantasy games

Few people know it but the Facebook app can also be used to play online without downloading other apps, using the games and game groups that can be managed directly from the app. These games are also available on the web version, but many games are best played on smartphones with a touch screen.

To play just open the menu on our profile picture, press on Other and press on the menu Gaming; if instead we wanted to create a group and play fantasy games we can proceed by tapping on the menu Fantasy games and choosing the best group to join (we can also create a new group of our own and invite only our friends).

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6) Avatars and Dating

Among the novelties of the Facebook app we find Avatars and Datingtwo functions accessible from smartphones that allow you to create a personalized avatar and meet new people for a romantic date.

Both functions are accessible by pressing the profile image at the top right, pressing More and selecting the menu Avatars or Dating. We can learn more about these functions by reading our guides on how to create avatar on facebook come on how to use facebook as a dating site.


In conclusion, Facebook can become much more than just a social app where we check the photos, stories and posts shared by friends or pages we follow. There are so many features but many users ignore their existence until they come across themusing the ones they deem most useful.

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