Virtual friend chat app (best bots with AI)

Want to chat with a virtual friend that looks real and realistic? Let’s see together the best bot apps based on artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is making its way into our daily lives thanks to machine learning: now it is possible to find chat bots as virtual assistants, for customer support and much more.

We then saw the now hugely popular chat with Artificial Intelligence ChatGPT capable of responding to everything and generating texts automatically.

But if we wanted a virtual friend on the phone to whom to tell everything and from whom to receive coherent answers, as if it were a real person?

In this guide we have collected best virtual friend apps with artificial intelligence so you can experience the power of artificial intelligence and chat with a very realistic bot who will respond consistently to our requests or concerns.

1) Reply

The best app we can try as an AI chatbot is definitely Replica available for android and for iPhones.

The app offers a real virtual avatar to which we can ask anything vocally, receiving very accurate answers to the majority of the questions asked (with an accuracy level close to 98%).

In fact we will have a virtual friend on the phone ready to answer our most intimate questions and provide us with help in solving math problems or answers to questions about life.

2) Wysa


Another very interesting Chatbot app is Wysadownloadable from Google Play Store and fromApple App Store.

The app is meant to deliver psychological support to any user: once started it will be enough to tell our state of mind, describe our anxiety or fear to get very reassuring answers and a logical explanation on the mental processes involving human fears.

In fact it is like having a psychologist on handwith a very high effectiveness in analyzing problems and providing the right explanation for every state of mind.

3) Virtual talks

Virtual Talk

Among the funniest chats with artificial intelligence we find Virtual Talkcurrently only available for iPhones.

The AI ​​engine integrated in the app allows you to generate very coherent dialogue chats, giving the impression of actually talking to the virtual person. We can customize the AI ​​avatar photo and information, also add the relationship level and manage a chat group with famous people (fake of course) for fun or as a joke.

4) Soul


An app to create a virtual friend on Android is Soulavailable for download from Google Play Store.

By downloading this app we will be able to customize our virtual friend’s avatar, also choosing his tendencies towards us and changing his physical appearance and outfit. The responses of the AI ​​engine are very good, giving the impression of talking to a real person.

5) SimSimi


Another app for those who want to chat with a virtual friend is SimSimi available for download for Google Play Store and for Apple App Store.

This app allows you to chat with a friendly bot that will be able to answer your questions and doubts, comfort you in the saddest moments and establish virtual relationships, thus adapting the type of response to the type of relationship you establish with the bot.


Artificial intelligence is so well developed and accessible that it is possible to create a virtual friend and talk to him in chat, as if he were a real person.

These apps are not a substitute for real human relationships but they can still be a valid help for people who are alone or who have embarked on a path of psychological recovery (as seen with the Wysa app, in our opinion the best for the type of answers provided).

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