What is clean energy, sources of clean energy?

Power production methods which have no negative environmental effect in other words these are energy producing methods of environmentally friendly these methods is adopted rapidly and play a revolutionary changes in the field of energy production.

It is likely to seem that this can overtake coal and gas energy production by the end of 2024. Solar energy is the key driven for clean energy it grows more rapidly than wind and hydro due to the decreasing development costs, solar PV technology innovate the entire value chain to meet the increasing demand.

Types of clean energy

  • WIND


The most rapidly booming sector of clean energy is solar energy which can be available from bottom to up level, home to industry level with affordable price, solar industry having a brighter and more self-sustainable future that reflected in the job market and produced more number of people employed more and more demand for skilled professionals and manual workers is on the rise too, these employs twice as many as the coal industry and is in third place amongst energy companies in terms of employment, the result is to increase as the industry grows rapidly.

Types of Solar system

There are three types of solar system.

  • Off-Grid Systems.
  • On-Grid Systems.
  • Hybrid Systems.

How many Types of Solar Mounting Structures

There are different types of solar mounting structure which can be apply according to your requirements but needs proper designing which can produced more energy than the lower design which can be done by entire solar planning workflow, more and more data is required to make decisions with confidence when optimizing designs and assessing the viability of commercial and utility-scale solar system.

There are different types of solar mounting structures, some are fixed angle and some of variable angle:

Roof Mount

This is low price mounting method and required few material to install mostly roofs are unused spaces which can be utilized but need proper design to get maximum sunlight for whole the day which produces energy.

How to design best roof mount

Many software are available which can design the proper roof mounting for solar energy you need to design with Photo based Computer Aided Solar Engineering which can be generate more graphically result for the best result otherwise you can waste your energy and resources

Mostly engineer selected an AutoCAD-based tool with a high level of precision that can reduce the amount of time on repetitive work when working on design. Layout design, including shading, and electrical design can also help to limit the risk of error, many real-life measurements and solution algorithms available which assure that the design of Roof Mount approach is the closest to a real-life and precise design, now a days there are many High Intelligence Algorithms available in the market which assure the best possible result using the given data.

A best approach is to take Layout and electrical design and then shared with colleagues and used it but if you used an Intelligent Algorithms that provide real-life design layout and electrical calculations there is no need to review and recalculate whether mistakes have been made 3d design is graphically methods which Quickly prepare a building with its obstacles and offset zones on the roof for module placement that helps engineers to use maximum sunlight. While designing a layout you should take care of the following things

  • Flat East-West
  • Flat South
  • Flush – Mounted for Tilt Roof
  • Iterated Layout Information and design comparison etc.

Shading Calculation is also important that helps to determine which modules are over shaded and should be removed and which ones should be left in the layout.

Electrical Design is the most important that cannot be ignored while designing solar system these involved Inverter Placement, Automated, Semi-Automated, Manual Stringing that including cable trays, cable roots, and cable length etc. and in the last you can calculate bill of material so you can estimate you finance resources.

Ground Mount.

This method is easy to access, clean and troubleshoot but more expensive because Installation is more labor-intensive, requires more parts and pieces and also required real estate etc.

How to design best Ground mount

When you design ground mount you need an AutoCAD-based solar design software for utility-scale solar power plants which enables solar engineers to reduce project costs, boost reliability and improve solar plant performance.

1 Shade-free placement

Design a placement where there is no shade that can be achieved by shade-free table layout on undulating terrain for a set location and time.

2 Slope analysis

Identify optimal slope angles for individual tables on uneven terrain so that you can get maximum sunlight

3 Piling and collision analysis

Carefully understand which tables exceed a given piling range or need grading.

4 cabling

Generate life-size cable layout accounting for terrain and structural design.

5 cross-section analysis

Maximum Optimize challenging table layouts with precise cross-section view.


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