What to take on the road with your cell phone, tablet and laptop

What to bring to face any type of trip using all the technology in every place: smartphone, tablet and laptop

Before starting a journeybe it for work or a holiday, it is important not only to prepare tickets, money, documents and suitcases, but also the technological accessories to ensure that you can always use your mobile smartphone, tablet or laptop even when we are abroad or in a holiday destination.

There are things that should never be forgotten before starting a journey and it is important getting ready in the best possible way, so that you can always use your smartphone, tablet or notebook at any time.

Let’s see together what are the technological things to take on the road together with the phone, tablet or laptop, giving priority to the gadgets needed to always recharge the phone and always access the Internet anywhere in the world.

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1) USB travel chargers

The power socket is different in many countries: to find out what kind of adapter you need, you can go to a site like WorldPlugsindicate the destination of the trip and thus find out what “form” the socket has in the chosen country.

The USB chargers of phones and tablets should be compatible even in the “strange” sockets, but it is advisable to check that the frequency and voltage are found (essential for correctly charging the mobile device).

For notebooks, old chargers must necessarily be connected to a universal wall adapterwhile on new laptops with integrated chargers or with USB Power Delivery chargers the same rules apply as for phone chargers.

Also, remember to put the USB charger and car charger in the bag to carry in the cabin and not in the suitcase to take on if you take a plane, to avoid that if you lose your suitcase you are left without the possibility of using your mobile phone.
Below we find a good list of chargers that we can use while traveling:

Carry your laptop, mobile phone or tablet and keep them charged wherever you goeven in the desert, you can consider buying a portable solar-powered backpack, like the ones seen in our guide to Covers and Powerbanks, chargers for smartphones, including crank and solar chargers.

2) Internet connection for abroad

When traveling abroad it is important to consider that the Internet offer active in Italy will only be valid in Europe: if we travel to any of the countries of the Union the roaming charges are cancelled.

The matter becomes more complicated if we have to travel to a non-EU country: in this case costs can become prohibitiveto the point that it only takes a few minutes as soon as you get off the plane to use up all the phone credit available.

In this case it is better to buy a SIM card from a foreign country, especially if we have to stay more than 15 days; alternatively we can always activate the offers from Italian providers for foreign countries or connect to the free Wi-Fi available in large cities or in the most famous commercial establishments (such as McDonald’s or Starbucks), as seen in our guide on how to find free wifi and free wireless networks.

3) App to communicate for free

Solved the problem of the Internet connection we can finally use free calling and video calling appswithout using the minutes included in our offer.

The apps to use for communications from abroad are:

All these apps provide free calls to all contacts in the address book (who use the same app) and unlimited video calls, even in groups. For more information, you can read our article on how to make group video calls for free without limits.

4) Essential apps

Now that we’re ready to travel, all we have to do is fill your phone with essential apps for any type of trip, so as not to run into problems or difficulties once they arrive in a foreign land. Among the apps that must never be missing on a trip we find:

  • Google Lens: indispensable for translating billboards, notices and messages in a foreign language in real time.
  • Google translator: another very useful app for translating portions of text, for translating into another language in real time (and making ourselves understood by foreigners) and for using an offline translation dictionary.
  • among the best apps to find hotels, hostels and places to stay overnight of any kind.
  • skyscanner: useful app to check airplane flights and to book discount tickets.
  • Google Maps: Map app with built-in car and walker navigation, with offline maps.

To learn more, we can read our guides to Offline maps for iPhone and iPad to download for free and to the best offline map app for android free.

5) Documents, tickets and personal files in the cloud

Tickets and personal documents are best kept in the cloudin a protected folder: in this way, even if you lose your bag and suitcases, you can always provide your personal details with easy-to-print digital documents (also in foreign language).

The best app to use to keep personal documents in the cloud is Google Drive, which can be synchronized on any device and able to save files offline, for access even without a network connection; in the event of checks or problems, we can immediately open our digital documents and identify ourselves.

On the same topic we can read our articles on how to use google drive offline to access document files without internet and ai best google drive tricks and features.


By reading the guide and downloading all the recommended apps (they are free, so we can also install them all together) we will be sufficiently covered from an IT and technological point of view even for longer journeys, so as to respond quickly to every need or emergency that a journey may require.

To learn more, we can read our guides to most useful apps for travel, book holidays and find everything and at best driving and walking apps for android and iphone.


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